Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mac Lipstick Haul

Hello there girlies, I hope you're all doing well ? I'm feeling super as I went a bit mad buying some new Mac lipsticks to add to my HUGE collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you my recent purchases and see what you think about my new autumn lippys !

Mac Mystic Satin Lipstick 3g- Okay so I took a bit of a risk buying this one, I've noticed a lot of deep/dark lipsticks being worn all over the fashion world in the past few months and I wasn't sure if I would suit it, I'm a big believer in 'just because it's fashionable doesn't mean it suits you' but I thought it was worth a try ! I swatched it on my hand at the counter and the pigment was great, deep red and burgundy stood out to me and I know they're the hot colours of the moment so I applied some to my lips and it looked surprisingly good! It complimented my light skin tone and made my teeth a little brighter too, there's a beautiful sheen to the lipstick which is fab, as I'm not fond of matte lippys so this was perfect for me and without any hesitation I decided to buy it. I'd suggest wearing this lipstick on nights out, I think it's a tad too dramatic for the day but it looks really glam especially teamed with a dark smokey eye , it brings a really chic feel to your look.
Mac Riveting Glaze Lipstick 3g- So for any lady that loves a nude lipstick but is looking for a little edge, this is a step up from your typical pinky, peachy or beige muted lippy shade. Riveting Glaze Lipstick is a cool nude coffee colour with a subtle hint of gold to bring a sparkle to your lip, I'd seen this on another review site and I'd been looking for something a bit different to my usual day time pale lipstick and Riveting seemed perfect! Admittedly it doesn't look amazing swatched on my hand because the pigment isn't very dense but as I said before it's a nude shade it isn't supposed to be very bright, it's just supposed to compliment a natural make-up look. However, the hint of glitter brings a twist and personally it made my lips look plumper, which is impressive for a pale colour. I'd match this lipstick with some warm brown and bronze shadows and a natural blush to bring out the gold glaze, I keep finding myself grabbing this lipstick nearly every morning, as it seems to match anything I'm wearing, Riveting is my new Mac favourite and I'm glad I spent my dosh on this little beauty!
Mac Frost Ramblin' Rose Lipstick 3g- Seriously though, how cute is the name ? I think this is what appealed to me first rather than the colour OOPS ! I was scouring the Mac website as usual and I came across this pretty number, Ramblin' Rose, I'm really fond of coral pink lipsticks and this was just screaming at me to buy it, it was, honestly ;). When it arrived in the post I gave it a quick swatch on my hand and the pigment was superb, there was pretty gold flecks throughout the rich coral pink shade and it had a beautiful pearly sheen to it too. I grabbed a lip brush, swiped the lippy and smoothed it over my smackers,WOW love, love, love it ! It reminded me of a sunset in a way, all the oranges,pinks,golds and in some sense it brightened up my autumn look up, it doesn't have to be all about the dark shades this year, it's fun to mix things up a bit right? I tend to wear this lippy with a bronzed blush and beige/creamy shadow so the lipstick stands out more, I always wear Ramblin Rose when the sun decides to come out as the gold flecks reflect light nicely and it makes the doom and gloom of autumn a bit brighter in my opinion, go on, try it ... you know want to!
Mac Lady Gaga Lipstick Shade 14 3g- I love my limited edition lippys and this is the most recent one that Ive added to the collection. As everyone knows Gaga is renowned for her striking dress sense and stand out make-up, so I was intrigued to see what her lipstick collection would be like and to be honest I was worried it would be to daring for me but I was pleasantly surprised ! I found this cool pink metallic number, it's quite similar to Ramblin' Rose hence why I chose it but it has more of a metalicy shine to it as you can see from the swatch. The lippy came in a rectangular tube which is very different to the usual cylindrical make Mac always put their lipsticks in plus the box is so pretty, a multicoloured cartoon Gaga .... AMAZE BALLS :) Anyways back to the lipstick ! When I popped open the lid it looked super pink with a cool sparkly silver running through it but after I swatched the lipstick it was more orangey, however, when I dabbed it on my lips my natural pigment made it pink again which I preferred plus the metallic silver was just so cool and edgy. Ive matched this lipstick with some festive silvery shadows and some shimmery cheek highlighters to co-inside with the metallic in the lipstick. This Gaga lipstick isn't like any other lippy I have and I'm looking forward to wearing it over the winter months as it definitely has a glittery Christmas feel to it, all in all the Lady Gaga shade has been my favourite buy of this month and I'll be keeping it close as the party season rolls in!
So there you have it ladies ! I hope you enjoyed reading through my autumn lipstick looks, all the normal Mac shades are £14 from any Mac counter and online store, however the Lady Gaga Limited Edition shade is a litte dearer at £18 but so worth the extra spend! As always leave your comments and I'll try to reply to all of them :)
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  2. I love the Riveting Glaze lip colour!