Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mac Lipstick Haul

Hello there girlies, I hope you're all doing well ? I'm feeling super as I went a bit mad buying some new Mac lipsticks to add to my HUGE collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you my recent purchases and see what you think about my new autumn lippys !

Mac Mystic Satin Lipstick 3g- Okay so I took a bit of a risk buying this one, I've noticed a lot of deep/dark lipsticks being worn all over the fashion world in the past few months and I wasn't sure if I would suit it, I'm a big believer in 'just because it's fashionable doesn't mean it suits you' but I thought it was worth a try ! I swatched it on my hand at the counter and the pigment was great, deep red and burgundy stood out to me and I know they're the hot colours of the moment so I applied some to my lips and it looked surprisingly good! It complimented my light skin tone and made my teeth a little brighter too, there's a beautiful sheen to the lipstick which is fab, as I'm not fond of matte lippys so this was perfect for me and without any hesitation I decided to buy it. I'd suggest wearing this lipstick on nights out, I think it's a tad too dramatic for the day but it looks really glam especially teamed with a dark smokey eye , it brings a really chic feel to your look.
Mac Riveting Glaze Lipstick 3g- So for any lady that loves a nude lipstick but is looking for a little edge, this is a step up from your typical pinky, peachy or beige muted lippy shade. Riveting Glaze Lipstick is a cool nude coffee colour with a subtle hint of gold to bring a sparkle to your lip, I'd seen this on another review site and I'd been looking for something a bit different to my usual day time pale lipstick and Riveting seemed perfect! Admittedly it doesn't look amazing swatched on my hand because the pigment isn't very dense but as I said before it's a nude shade it isn't supposed to be very bright, it's just supposed to compliment a natural make-up look. However, the hint of glitter brings a twist and personally it made my lips look plumper, which is impressive for a pale colour. I'd match this lipstick with some warm brown and bronze shadows and a natural blush to bring out the gold glaze, I keep finding myself grabbing this lipstick nearly every morning, as it seems to match anything I'm wearing, Riveting is my new Mac favourite and I'm glad I spent my dosh on this little beauty!
Mac Frost Ramblin' Rose Lipstick 3g- Seriously though, how cute is the name ? I think this is what appealed to me first rather than the colour OOPS ! I was scouring the Mac website as usual and I came across this pretty number, Ramblin' Rose, I'm really fond of coral pink lipsticks and this was just screaming at me to buy it, it was, honestly ;). When it arrived in the post I gave it a quick swatch on my hand and the pigment was superb, there was pretty gold flecks throughout the rich coral pink shade and it had a beautiful pearly sheen to it too. I grabbed a lip brush, swiped the lippy and smoothed it over my smackers,WOW love, love, love it ! It reminded me of a sunset in a way, all the oranges,pinks,golds and in some sense it brightened up my autumn look up, it doesn't have to be all about the dark shades this year, it's fun to mix things up a bit right? I tend to wear this lippy with a bronzed blush and beige/creamy shadow so the lipstick stands out more, I always wear Ramblin Rose when the sun decides to come out as the gold flecks reflect light nicely and it makes the doom and gloom of autumn a bit brighter in my opinion, go on, try it ... you know want to!
Mac Lady Gaga Lipstick Shade 14 3g- I love my limited edition lippys and this is the most recent one that Ive added to the collection. As everyone knows Gaga is renowned for her striking dress sense and stand out make-up, so I was intrigued to see what her lipstick collection would be like and to be honest I was worried it would be to daring for me but I was pleasantly surprised ! I found this cool pink metallic number, it's quite similar to Ramblin' Rose hence why I chose it but it has more of a metalicy shine to it as you can see from the swatch. The lippy came in a rectangular tube which is very different to the usual cylindrical make Mac always put their lipsticks in plus the box is so pretty, a multicoloured cartoon Gaga .... AMAZE BALLS :) Anyways back to the lipstick ! When I popped open the lid it looked super pink with a cool sparkly silver running through it but after I swatched the lipstick it was more orangey, however, when I dabbed it on my lips my natural pigment made it pink again which I preferred plus the metallic silver was just so cool and edgy. Ive matched this lipstick with some festive silvery shadows and some shimmery cheek highlighters to co-inside with the metallic in the lipstick. This Gaga lipstick isn't like any other lippy I have and I'm looking forward to wearing it over the winter months as it definitely has a glittery Christmas feel to it, all in all the Lady Gaga shade has been my favourite buy of this month and I'll be keeping it close as the party season rolls in!
So there you have it ladies ! I hope you enjoyed reading through my autumn lipstick looks, all the normal Mac shades are £14 from any Mac counter and online store, however the Lady Gaga Limited Edition shade is a litte dearer at £18 but so worth the extra spend! As always leave your comments and I'll try to reply to all of them :)
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Monday, 15 October 2012

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

 Hi ladies! I hope you've all had a good weekend ? Mine's been pretty busy, I've been giving my room a spring clean (yes I'm aware it's October LOL) and getting rid of any old products and clothes that seemed to be spilling out of my draws, cupboards and wardrobes. It's actually ridiculous how much stuff I have that I don't need, I mean where have I found the time to buy it all ? God knows ! Anyways, as much as I like to give my room a good old clean I love to give my hair a super deep clean even more! So here's a little review on an amazing hair masque I purchased last week......
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque 500ml- As much as I love my make-up and skin products, hair products are just as important to me, in the past I've worked as a hairdresser so I know a thing or two about how to keep your hair in good nick and make it look like you've just stepped out of the salon everyday! The most important part of a good hair washing routine is a great deep conditioner and I personally love Macadamia's Deep Repair Masque, I'd never tried it before last week and I'd seen so many people rave about it all over the blogging world I felt like it was worth a shot. I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to hair products and I know what's good quality and what's not, so admittedly I was a little wary of trying something new but I'm really glad I gave this repair masque a go! It arrived in the post two days after placing my order and I decided to try it that night, really you should use hair masques when you're in the bath as it needs to stay on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes and it can be a bit fussy standing in the shower for that long without the formula washing off your hair. The first thing I noticed was the smell it was so refreshing and unique, nothing like any other hair masque I'd used before. Secondly the look of the formula was unusual, it was swirled with shiny pinks and golds it looked really luxurious and rich, I really couldn't wait to smooth it into my hair but just before I did I gave the information a read on the back of the pot. Macadamia use a combination of "Argan Oils, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Aloe and Algae extracts" in their repair masque to help " hair rejuvenation ", I bet you're wondering what any of that has got to do with helping to repair your hair but all of it combined does make a difference! Tea Tree is really good at stripping away excess oils throughout your hair and scalp that can make your hair greasey or limp, Chamomile is great for soothing dry scalps and hair so if you're prone to split ends/sensitive scalps this will really help relieve them and Algae is probably the best ingredient of them all, it holds an array of proteins especially ones that can improve the natural keratin that makes up your hair, although potentially hair is dead it does need some help to keep the follicles smooth to stop your hair from getting to porous/damaged and algae holds the key to solve those problems. So after approving the ingredients, I scooped a good plum sized amount of product into my palm and worked it into my roots and right down to the tips of my hair, then gently combed the conditioner through, the texture was quite sticky at first put when it mixed with my damp hair it became softer and more pliable. Lastly, all I did was wait, as I said before make sure you do this in the bath so you can sit back, relax and let the hair masque work its magic. 10 minutes later I was ready to wash it off, I suggest using a shower head to make sure you thoroughly wash out all the formula and preferably turn the temperature down to cool so the pores on your scalp can close up, this will also give your hair a beautiful shine. After washing the masque off I could immediately feel how soft my hair had become and I was really eager to find out what it would feel like once dry, after applying some heat spray I grabbed a round brush and my hair dryer then slowly worked through my locks and I was delighted, my hair felt soft, my ends looked smooth and there was an undeniable shine I didn't even need to apply any finishing serum to stick down any fly aways, I was in hair heaven ! The main thing I benefited from was the fact the masque protected my hair from humidity, as soon as there's a smidgen of dampness in the air the very ends of my barnett seem to frizz a little :'( but this was non existent thank to the repair masque HURRAY! If you do decide to invest in this wonder masque I would say you should only need to use it 1 to 2 times a week depending on how oily your hair is and you'll see some serious changes after the first use plus its great for coloured hair as it's really mild and Macadamia repair masque is great for bleached hair too as it can diminish brittle ends. I purchased the 500ml pot from feelunique.com for £31.25, obviously there's loads of product and I can see it lasting for a long time hence why I went with the larger pot but you can get smaller amounts for cheaper if you're not up to spending that much :) I'm defiantly sticking with this Macadamia Deep Repair Mask as it has absolutely blown all my other deep conditioners out the water ! I highly recommend it and if it doesn't help improve the shine or softness of your hair I'll eat my own socks ! ;)
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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mac Marine Life High Light Powder

Hey ladies ! I hope you are all well :) This is just a quick post on my new favourite Mac high light powder, Marine Life from the 'To The Beach' collection. I was really desperate to buy this when it came out a while back but unfortunately I didn't really have enough pennies to purchase it :'( However, I found it on eBay a couple weeks back and I couldn't pass up the chance to buy it ! Its bright palette and metallic finish really appealed to me and having seen so many good reviews on it I really wanted to have one of my own. So here's a short review of the much anticipated Marine Life High Light Powder !
From left to right: gold/coral mix, light pink, coral
As you can see by the raised metallic gold seahorse, coral orange and light pink palette it's not hard to see why this high lighter is so desirable, like I said before I felt like I needed it as soon as I layed my eyes on it ! When it arrived in the post I ripped it out of the packaging, grabbed a blusher brush and applied it to the apple of my cheeks, the pigment was immense and a cool shimmer effect appeared throughout it. Unfortunately the metallic gold came off the seahorse after a few swipes of the brush but it did state that on a lot of reviews I'd seen, however the coral and light pink powder has its own  sheen to it so I wasn't overly fussed about losing the gold, I suppose it was only there for dramatic effect to draw us beauty fanatics in ;). The powder settled nicely on my skin, as do all of Mac's products, the pigment lasted all day and it made a really nice change to my usual bronzed look but still had the much wanted pearly sheen I love. As for the packaging I really loved it ! It's not like the typical black Mac pan, as you can see from the pictures it's a cool forest green colour which compliments the palette well, it's still a 10g pan and will last as long as most Mac powders depending on how frequently you use it. As I stated before I did buy this off eBay for a cheerful £22! Unfortunately you can't buy this on the Mac website anymore, just as well really as it was double the price on the official website but there are a lot of people selling genuine 'To The Beach' products on auction websites, so why not grab yourself a bargain if your pockets and purses are a little bare this month ? and if you love a bright blusher with a twist I'd definitely recommend Mac Marine Life High Light Powder, your cheeks will benefit massively! 
Hope you enjoyed ! Happy Blogging Girls ! Leave Your Comments !
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Monday, 8 October 2012

Topshop Make-up Haul

Hey guys! I hope you've had a brill weekend ? Mines been fab, my little nephew Patrick was born on Monday so I've been spending a lot of time with him and the family, he's cutest thing I've ever seen !So unfortunately I've not had a huge amount of time to type up some more posts on my blog SOB! However, I bought a few goodies from Topshop last week so here's a short post on my recent purchases, hope you enjoy.........

Louise Gray At Topshop Brush Set- So the pictures I took don't do these brushes justice, the pastel mint green brushes and coral coloured carry bag are just fab ! Louise Gray, the designer for the brand Scots, has come up with a fantastic make-up range for Topshop and I was really impressed with just how dynamic it is, it's so colourful and bright and I opted to buy some of the make-up brushes as they where just so eye catching. I've been looking for some good quality make-up brushes that wouldn't break the bank and I was over the moon when I found these! The set comes with a foundation brush, blusher brush, highlighter brush, eyeshadow blending brush and an angled shadow liner brush GREAT RIGHT? I almost didn't want to use them they were that soft and pretty but after my slight hesitation I tried and tested each brush, the highlighter and blusher brushes are brill, they grab a lot of product and give a smooth application as did the shadow blending brush, it didn't effect the pigment of my eyeshadow and gave even coverage. As for the foundation brush, I wasn't so sure at first, I tend to not use foundation brushes I usually use sponges but I loved how soft it felt over my face and it helped around tricky areas like my nose and chin, it diminished clumps too which is great. Lastly the angled shadow brush has to be my favourite, I'm really not fond of liquid eyeliner I find it smudges and runs so I like to use a dark shadow to frame my eyes, the brush gives a sleek straight line and because it's angled it's easy to follow the natural shape of your eyelid. So all in all I'm really content with my little brush set :) It comes in a small practical zip carry case with little elastic holders and is easy to clean too BONUS! The Louise Gray Brush set cost £32 which is great for the quality of the brushes and if you're into colourful make-up I'd suggest you take a look at her range at Topshop.com she does some gorgeous lipsticks, blushers, nail varnishes and eyeliners all with quirky unique names which I love! I'm set on buying some more of her range so watch out for my blog posts soon!


Neige Steam Cream- Well I bet you're wondering about the name of this product, I was a bit confused at first too, I was like " steam cream "? So with a little research I discovered it's named after the process it goes through. Neige uses steam to combine all the natural ingredients that go into the cream! That's pretty damn cool if you ask me, the steam makes the cream light and the texture isn't like any other moisturiser I've tried before. I completely surrender to this cream, it's just amazing, I really can't find a fault, it's lightly scented and super rich plus the texture is so soft it's amazing. As for the ingredients, it's easy to see why my skin felt so supple after I used it, Neige uses a wide range of natural sources in its moisturiser such as Oat Milk which is soft and gentle on sensitive skin, Rose Absolute that helps repair dry skin, Orange Blossom which keeps the skins natural oils balanced and Jojoba Oil that helps to decrease sebum on your face which can reduce acne/spots. I love natural products but they're not always very effective however, Steam Cream is, I've started to use it every other day after I cleanse and tone, it completely protects my face from the cold or sun and its non greasy too so my make-up doesn't become out of place, it sinks quickly into my pores and there's no waiting around for it to dry either. I love the little tin it comes in too, I can slip it into my bag and take it with me where ever I go, so it's to apply it to any part of my skin that needs it. Neige promote recycling and they encourage you to re-use your tin when you've finished the cream and why not ? It's really pretty and for example you could add portions of Steam Cream into the old tin and take it with you on your holiday so you don't have to take a full pot :) To conclude I'm really happy that I found the amazing Neige Steam Cream and it will be a big favourite of mine for life! You'll notice a healthy glow and a smooth complexion all over your skin after a mere week. Weirdly Topshop have discontinued it literally the week I bought it but you can buy it on the Neige website for £12.50 which is an absolute bargin, trust me you'll be impressed.

Topshop Bronzer In Break Of  Day- I'm a huge fan of bronzer and I love a bright blusher too, so when I saw this on the Topshop website I had had had to buy it! I haven't really come across a mixed in bronzer and blusher combo so I thought this was pretty unique and I love the striking swirled pattern the powder has! Firstly I tried the bronzer and I have to say it didn't have a very strong pigment which is quite disappointing, it wasn't very noticeable on my cheeks and I found myself applying another brand of bronzer to make up for it but if your into subtle bronzers it would work quite well for, it has a very delicate shimmer effect too. Then I tried the blusher and WOW I love it! It has a really strong pigment compared to the bronzer and has a gorgeous pearly sheen which is fab, it's a cutesy bright pink colour and you don't have to keep applying layer after layer to get the colour to stand out. Lastly, I tried both the blusher and bronzer mixed together and TADA! It really worked, the bright pink and warm gold bronzer worked well together they, it had a very natural look when applied to my skin and wasn't too over powering which is very refreshing, the blush bronzer complimented my foundation well and gave my cheeks a bit of colour. The bronzer comes in a cute compact that's has a edgy black and white design on the top, as you can see in the pics, it's really easy to open and I wouldn't worry accidentally dropping it, it's very sturdy and there won't be a risk of the powder crumbling. The Break Of Day Bronzer hasn't been my favourite purchase of all time but I did love the final effect it gave my skin and if you're looking for something similar but not as bright Topshop do the same compact but in a slight different shade called Desert Sun that has a more peachy blusher. Break Of Day is priced at £12.50 on the Topshop website and there are a few different types of bronzers/blushers available so have a look and see if any catch your eye, I don't think I'll be using this compact regularly but try it for yourself, everyone has different skin tones and what doesn't work for me, might work for you !


So there you have it ! Hope you liked my post ladies :) I'll be putting up a whole load of posts tomorrow so keep an eye out!

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish



Hey guys ! I hope you're all doing well :) The week's nearly over and I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. So, I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite Mac powders I use on a night out to get a smooth glitzy look! If you're unsure of what a 'skin finish' is, it's basically a multi use powder: it can be used on your cheeks, eyes and body if desired but mainly it's a highlighter. So, I'll go through each skin finish and If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! And, as always, I'll leave the link to the website at the top of my post so you can have a gander over their products!


Earthshine Mineralize Skin Finish-Where do I start with this one! This has to be my favorite Mac skin finish. It's from Mac's Heavenly Creatures collection and quite frankly it's gorgeous. I love the warm gold & brown tones, generally I use it as a bronzer around my cheeks but occasionally I use it all over my face when my skin tone goes darker over the summer. If you don't like a tanned/bronzed look i'd check a few other skin finishes Mac have on their website or in store, mainly there are only two that they offer: 'Soft & Gentle', for lighter skins and 'Gold deposit' which offers a glowy look. 'Earthshine' is a special edition skin finish and currently isn't being sold but you can still purchase it on ebay and amazon but make sure you're not buying a fake! Mac bring out different skin finishes each year but they are usually only out for a limited time, which is a bit rubbish if you ask me but I suppose that's what makes Mac so desirable. Anyways, moving on, this product has a seriously rich pigment as you can see from the pictures above, a little certainly goes a long way and I can tell the powder will last me forever - BONUS! Typically, most Mac powders I've had in the past have lasted me around 1 and half years till I reached the bottom of the pan, which, lets face it, is seriously good. I've been really impressed how well Earthshine stays in place all day and doesn't lose its glow, it works its magic best on a night out, it highlights my cheeks nicely, especially when the light's a bit dull - GENIUS ! This little beauty was priced at £21 and, you never know, it could come back to Mac stores in the future so don't get disheartened if you want to get your hands on it, like I said before, Ebay and Amazon are always great places to start plus some American companies may still offer it online so there's no harm in doing a bit of digging!




Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Lightscapade- Firstly, how pretty!? Lightscapade is a new skinfinish from Mac that I recently purchased online after reading some fab reviews on it! If you've already got Mac's 'Soft & Gentle' skin finish you'll love this, it's near enough the same colour but it has more of a pearly sheen to it which I love. The powder has a beautiful marbled effect and Mac use this throughout their products, I suppose it makes it quite unique compared to your bog standard face powder. Lightscapade is great for everday use to perk your skin up, it reflects light nicely to give you a dewy look without any unwanted shine, it also works great as an eyeshadow,if you are after a natural look but it still stands out enough to be noticed. This skinfinish, like the rest, is priced at £21 but like I've said before its worth the splurge as it last a long while!



Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Light Plus- This product is like my baby :) it was the first thing I purchased from Mac and it made me fall in LOVE with the whole brand! I'd eyed it up a few times at the Selfridges counter in Manchester and I decided to bite the bullet and buy. I admit it was a safe choice and probably doesn't seem very exciting but a face powder is really important to enhance your look, it compliments foundation and gets rid of any unwanted shine. Unlike the other skin finishes, it's natural, so it isn't used as a highlighter, it's simply used to give your skin a matte finish and an even skin tone, simple but effective. Light plus has really worked for me, its lasted all day everyday and if I do need to touch up its slim pan fits easily into my bag so I can take it with me anywhere. The natural skin finishes come in a multitude of tones from fair to very dark, it's really impressive that Mac offer such a wide range as I know how difficult it is to match your skin tone to a facial make-up product. I opted for light skin plus, as I'm not exactly pale but I'm not olive skinned either, it's basically a happy medium and I love it's soft sleek texture. All in all it's a staple to my daily make-up routine and I'd highly recommend it as a must have for your make-up draw. And, if you think it's a bit of a luxury buy, you could always put in a hint to Father Christmas to put it under your Christmas tree! ;) I promise you won't be disappointed.


Mac Mineralizer Skin Finish Gold Deposit- Okay, if you're into the whole ultra glowy look this is the skin finish for you! I've had Gold Deposit for a little while now and it's just fab. The rich pigment and glittery surface appealed to me instantly - I'm a girly girl, shiny things are my forte ;) ! As you can see, the gold tones are very deep so there's no need to apply a lot, a little amount on each cheek is enough to highlight the glamorous sparkle it gives off. This is usually my preferred skin finish on a night out as it just adds that extra special touch, it helps accentuate your cheek bones and gives you a touch of colour too but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has very fair skin as it may look a little too much and end up looking clown like NOT COOL ! As I've mentioned before, 'Soft & Gentle' and 'Lightscapade' would probably be more suited. I use Gold Deposit as an eyeshadow regularly, it has a beautiful high shine and you can use quite a reasonable amount to bring the rich gold colour out, it looks great with dark full lashes and a smokey eyeliner. This skin finish is great for a body illuminator too, a few brushes across your chest and arms leaves a beautiful bronzed effect that compliments most tanned skin tones but don't apply to much - you don't want to end up looking like a glitter ball on legs! Not surprisingly, it's priced at £21 like the rest and won't be going anywhere as its an original skin finish so don't worry if you want to wait to buy, it'll most probably be around for years. To conclude, I'd give this skin finish a 5 star rating, it's a well rounded highlighter and i'll always turn to it when I feel like I need brightening up :)

So guys, that was my first make-up post WOWZER! I really enjoyed typing it up, it made me appreciate my make-up a little more and I hope it inspired you to go out and try it for yourselves ? :) My twitter and email is below so just holla if you have a question about this post or any other!



Happy Blogging Guys!


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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish



 Hi girlies, I hope you're all well ? Im having a particularly good day as I recieved lots of beauty goodies in the post! There's nothing better than ripping open packages to see what's inside, I find it quite exciting... surely im not the only one that gets giddy when the post man arrives ? Or am I a bit strange ? :) Anyways, today im revewing Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, it's probably the best natural beauty company around at the moment and it's not too pricey either! Im focusing on their monthly promotion offered on their website, you can get you're hands on a cleanser, toner/tonic, moisturiser and muslin cloth all for the price of £41, you may think thats a tad pricey but considering the amount you get it totally justifys the amount you pay. So I'll go through each product one by one and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, i'll leave my twitter and email at the bottom!

Liz Earle Cleasne & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Rose & Lavender Limited Edition 150ml- Well this products a bit of a mouth full to say the least but I guess theres no questioning what it is! I was really impressed at how pretty the bottle was, im a sucker for a well decorated beauty product ! Theres a pump despenser at the top but I did find a bit to much product comes out at once so be careful. Theres a lot of detailed information on the back of the cleanser and for every bottle bought £2 goes to the Princes Trust which is fab. I've really enjoyed using this cleanser, it's creamy formula and sweet scent appealed to me straight away, I literally couldn't wait to try it so I grabbed the information booklet and followed the advice. It states in the booklet to use the cleanser with the muslin cloths, I think they act like a bit of an exfoliater to lift away make-up and dirt off your face, I applied the cleanser to dry skin then carefully worked it around my face in circular motions for about 2 minutes, the scent instantly hits you, beautiful notes of lavender and chamomile, personally I find it really soothing. The texture of cleanser is quite thick and smooth, it sinks easily into my skin and I instantly noticed how supple my nose and chin area felt. Next, I rinsed a muslin cloth in hot water and slowly smoothed it over my skin to wipe away the cleanser, I have to admit I don't absolutley love the cloths, they feel a bit rough around my cheeks but they haven't done me any harm and if I want the cleanser to do it's job I might as well stick with them. Finally I patted my skin dry with a clean towel and inspected my skin and to be honest it looked and felt great! I was really suprised to see that a cleanser could give my skin an almost glowy look BRILL! and clearly I wasnt even finished, there were two more products to apply and I was really intrigued to see if it could get any better. The cleanser is £19.50 on its own and you can purchase it on the Liz Earle website, I'll leave the url at the bottom of this post so you can have a browse over the products.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml- This tonic is a firm favorite of mine and I didn't hesitate to give it a go as soon as I eyed it up. The bottle isn't as impressive as the cleanser but really that doesn't matter too much, It has a twist top and a gentle squeeze lets the liquid tonic pour out. Again i've loved using this product, it's so refeshing and light, the tonic smells gorgeous too, lavender, chamomile and sweet orange instantly jumped out to me. The skin tonic basically acts like a toner to close up all your pores so dirt and natural oil can't get in to cause blackheads or naughty spots! So after a good read of the instructions on the back,  I applied a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and wiped it all over my face and neck EASY RIGHT ? Texture wise the skin tonic is obviously very runny but it dryed nicely into my pores after a minute or two, straight away my skin felt cool and fresh, I deffientley felt more awake which is good on early mornings. Next, I examend my skin and pores, they looked alot cleaner and smaller which is brill! I find alot of toners make my skin feel tight which then leads to little dry patches but this tonic was totally different, my skin felt supple and not tight at all. So clearly the cleanser and tonic are a great pair and i'd highly advise anyone to use them together to get the best results for your skin. I can't stress enough how important a good toner/tonic is and you'll find a big difference in how it makes your skin look and feel, especially if you use this one! The skin tonic is £12.50 on its own but it does make more sense to purchase it with the cleanser, moisturiser and cloths so you get the best result out of it and you're also grabbing youself a bargin while you're at it!

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser For Normal/Combination Skin 50ml- Okay so I have slight obsession with moisturisers, because my skin is dry in some places and normal to oily in others, I find it hard to get my hands on a moisturiser that combats all those problems BUMMER! However, I was really pleased to see that the cleanse & polish range came with a normal/combination moisturiser RESULT! I almost instantly twist open the lid and applied a little to the skin on my hand just to see what the texture was like. The repair moisturiser felt creamy and dense which I love because I like to feel it on my face all day to keep moisture in and dry air out! It wasn't sticky or oily either, thats always a good point because it won't interfear with your make-up. The smell of the moisturiser wasn't the same as the other products, it was quite plain but thats fine by me, it's more about the texture and what effect it gives.  I dapped small amounts over my cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck then gentley massaged it into my skin, making sure I avoided my under eye skin, it felt wonderfully rich and soft but did leave a little shine. After a couple of minutes I took a closer look at my face and noticed the shine had gone and a clear matte finish was left, it complimented the tonic well replacing any lost moisture and diminshed any little dry patches on my face. When applying make-up afterwards it didnt disturb my foundation or powder at all which made a change! The skin repair moisturiser comes in a cute little jar with an easy twist top and matches the skin tonic in colour, I always find it helpful if a product range is in matching colours, so I can see what goes with what, especially when labels rub off after a while and it's not easy to identify what the product is. All in all I found the moisturiser fantastic and I use it everyday now, so theres no more trawling through pharmacys or shops trying to find a suitable combination face cream! The moisturiser is priced at £18.75 on the website, it also has different types to suit various kinds of skin, theres an option to choose which one you'd like with the cleanse and polish range and again i'd advise you to buy everything together to get the full benefit of each product.

So there you go guys! I hope you enjoyed my post, Im very sorry about the quality of my pics i'll be changing them soon to something a bit clearer but im sure you get the jist of what the products look like :) If you'd fancy a browse at the Liz Earle website the address is www.lizearle.com and if you decide to purchase the Cleanse & Polish range I promise you won't be disapointed!
Happy Blogging Girlies

El Mac



Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Elizabeth Arden And YSL Haul


Hi ladies! Hope you've all had a fab weekend, can you believe it's October already ? Two pay days till Christmas .. HOLY MOLY! and with Christmas comes chilly weather, which can be a killer for your skin, so this post highlights a few of my favourite winter goodies to protect and perfect you're face.


1.Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Daily Moisturiser 50ml- This has always been a favourite of mine, my dear old grandma has used this for years and to be honest her skin looks great, so when she bought me some a few years ago I jumped at the chance to try it and Ive been hooked ever since! Admittedly, its a tad pricey, £26 to be exact but a little goes a long way with this product so there's no need to be rushing to the shops every month to stock up. Elizabeth Arden face moisturisers always have an SPF in them which is really important if you want to protect your face from the day to day sun, even though I'm only in my twenties I do worry about getting older and a good SPF will stop sun damage that can lead to wrinkles in the future. I absolutely love the smell and feel of this moisturiser, it has an almost spa like quality to it. The formula is slightly thick but blends easily into my skin and I must stress the scent is quite strong so if you have a sensitive nose you might find it a little over powering! I was worried at first about the shine I got around the T-zone area but after a few minutes that went and I was left with a matte finish which is brill! I have to say it makes my skin feel really supple and gives it  a nice dewy look which is a bonus, I even mix it in with a little foundation if I don't feel like using the whole works on my face, it makes a brill homemade tinted moisturiser :) The cream does exactly what it says on the tin and keeps a good barrier on my skin for at least 8 hours, which stops the cold air from drying certain areas. However, don't think this product is just for the cooler months, I occasionally use it in the summer especially after sunbathing or being in the sun all day, it has a beautiful soothing effect that works wonders! All in all its a great little product and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, it works with most skin types and would be a great mini stocking filler for crimbo or just a general gift.

2.Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum 15ml- I found this product a little while ago after searching for a face primer, I've never found one that I like and I was questioning whether it was even worth having one. However, as a last ditch attempt I went to my local Elizabeth Arden counter and asked a consultant there for her suggestions and she presented me with the morning serum, she told me it was a priming serum that helped makeup go on more evenly with a smoother finish, so I opted to buy some and again it was pricey at £30 but it does last forever. I was very weary of the product at first as I said before Ive never found a primer that's worked for me but it proved me wrong! The serum comes in a lovely slim line frosted glass bottle with a little dispenser on the top, its great to travel with as its quite small and dainty. As for the scent its none existent which was a surprise as Elizabeth Arden products are usually strong scented but it didn't really bother me that much, in fact it was quite refreshing. I apply about half  a drop to my face, paying special attention to my T-zone area, the texture of the serum is quite runny/oily but blends well into my skin, it's also a clear liquid which makes it very different from other primers that usually come in odd apricot/beige colours. After Ive applied it to my face and the serums sank into my skin, I blend in my foundation then powder etc. The real test was to see if it kept my makeup in place all day which it did HALLELUJAH! It even gave my skin a more glowy look which is impressive seen as it's under an abundance of makeup :) To round the product up it's basically a wonder serum, if you haven't found a suitable primer yet give this a go it will probably surprise you! It's fab to use on night out as well ladies especially if you're a bit worse for wear it keeps your face products firmly fixed ;)

3.YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch No.1- Okay guys this has to be my favourite product of all time and I'll tell you why! YSL brought this product out a few years ago now and I swear by it, it's advertised as an under eye highlighter to diminish dark circles but believe me it does so much more. My mum actually purchased it before me and she sang its praises for a long while and still does, so I tried a little as an experiment during my gcse days in school, as I was up late revising a lot and people had mentioned I was looking exhausted NICE ONE :( to be honest my eyes were looking a little sallow and tired. I apply a small amount under my eye, not directly under, I just follow the bone socket of my eye. The skin under your eye is so so soooo delicate and I'd advise you not to put any product on there, it can cause the skin to swell over time and also damages small blood vessels as the motion of applying the makeup upsets it. A lot of under eye products contain vegetable starch which creates the effect of plumpness, which is great at first but over years delicate skin absorbs the starch which leads to the dreaded eye bags ! I see so many older women that have puffy bloated bulges under their eyes and that's usually down to applying the wrong product in the wrong spots near the eye, so please take my advice and apply in the correct areas! Anyways I'll stop lecturing you all and get back to the product :) It comes in a slimline gold tube with a click dispenser at the bottom to adjust how much product you want to use, I usually use one 'click' of the dispenser, it comes out on to soft white bristles at the top which makes it easy to apply. I order it around the skin in little spots then gently dab it into my skin with my ring finger and make sure you always use that finger on under eye skin as it has the lightest touch, it sounds silly but a makeup artist told me that once and I always follow professional advise to get the best results! Also make sure you don't drag the product across the skin as that can damage it too. The colour of the highlighter doesn't immediately match the colour of your skin until you blend, it's got quite a rich pigment as it's supposed to let the light bounce off the surface to hide the darker skin. It comes in a few different shades, I use No.1 for fair skin but I'm not entirely sure if YSL make it for darker skins which would be handy for ladies with black/dark tanned/olivey skin, I suppose that's the only down side I can think of. As I said before it does more than hide dark circles! I personally use it on a few different areas such as 1.The tubercle of my lip to create a more of a 'cupids bow ' I use it like a guideline/lip liner for paler lipsticks so I don't lose the shape of my lip, I apply around the top of my mouth following the natural lines then blend, it definitely makes my lipstick stand out more. 2. Touche Eclat is perfect for hiding blemishes or small bits of uneven skin tone, its texture is lighter then a standard concealer, so it seems alot more natural on your skin, I just blend it in to the concerned area, I usually have very good skin but I do get the odd spot, so when I do I wack on a bit of highlighter and I don't worry about anyone seeing my humongous spot for the rest of the day! 3. The worst thing is when you get a bruise on your leg and you reach out for the tights to hide it on a night out but instead of hiding your pins hide the bruise instead ! I apply little amounts to the area and it works a treat to hide those big purpely bruises, especially when your on holiday and you want to look glam and not like Mike Tyson's had a round with your leg ;) So to conclude Touche Eclat is a fantastic highlighter/miracle worker and I will forever use it and I pray it's never discontinued, I would literally be lost without it! It's £25 from any YSL counter & online but you can get it from other beauty sites for a little cheaper, you just have to do some digging! So get buying girlie's you'll be sorry if you don't :) !

This is officially my first beauty post YAY! I hope you enjoy reading it guys :) Please leave me some comments and leave your blog url's I'd love to have a gander over your pages.


Lots Of  Love
El Mac