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Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish



 Hi girlies, I hope you're all well ? Im having a particularly good day as I recieved lots of beauty goodies in the post! There's nothing better than ripping open packages to see what's inside, I find it quite exciting... surely im not the only one that gets giddy when the post man arrives ? Or am I a bit strange ? :) Anyways, today im revewing Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, it's probably the best natural beauty company around at the moment and it's not too pricey either! Im focusing on their monthly promotion offered on their website, you can get you're hands on a cleanser, toner/tonic, moisturiser and muslin cloth all for the price of £41, you may think thats a tad pricey but considering the amount you get it totally justifys the amount you pay. So I'll go through each product one by one and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, i'll leave my twitter and email at the bottom!

Liz Earle Cleasne & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Rose & Lavender Limited Edition 150ml- Well this products a bit of a mouth full to say the least but I guess theres no questioning what it is! I was really impressed at how pretty the bottle was, im a sucker for a well decorated beauty product ! Theres a pump despenser at the top but I did find a bit to much product comes out at once so be careful. Theres a lot of detailed information on the back of the cleanser and for every bottle bought £2 goes to the Princes Trust which is fab. I've really enjoyed using this cleanser, it's creamy formula and sweet scent appealed to me straight away, I literally couldn't wait to try it so I grabbed the information booklet and followed the advice. It states in the booklet to use the cleanser with the muslin cloths, I think they act like a bit of an exfoliater to lift away make-up and dirt off your face, I applied the cleanser to dry skin then carefully worked it around my face in circular motions for about 2 minutes, the scent instantly hits you, beautiful notes of lavender and chamomile, personally I find it really soothing. The texture of cleanser is quite thick and smooth, it sinks easily into my skin and I instantly noticed how supple my nose and chin area felt. Next, I rinsed a muslin cloth in hot water and slowly smoothed it over my skin to wipe away the cleanser, I have to admit I don't absolutley love the cloths, they feel a bit rough around my cheeks but they haven't done me any harm and if I want the cleanser to do it's job I might as well stick with them. Finally I patted my skin dry with a clean towel and inspected my skin and to be honest it looked and felt great! I was really suprised to see that a cleanser could give my skin an almost glowy look BRILL! and clearly I wasnt even finished, there were two more products to apply and I was really intrigued to see if it could get any better. The cleanser is £19.50 on its own and you can purchase it on the Liz Earle website, I'll leave the url at the bottom of this post so you can have a browse over the products.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml- This tonic is a firm favorite of mine and I didn't hesitate to give it a go as soon as I eyed it up. The bottle isn't as impressive as the cleanser but really that doesn't matter too much, It has a twist top and a gentle squeeze lets the liquid tonic pour out. Again i've loved using this product, it's so refeshing and light, the tonic smells gorgeous too, lavender, chamomile and sweet orange instantly jumped out to me. The skin tonic basically acts like a toner to close up all your pores so dirt and natural oil can't get in to cause blackheads or naughty spots! So after a good read of the instructions on the back,  I applied a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and wiped it all over my face and neck EASY RIGHT ? Texture wise the skin tonic is obviously very runny but it dryed nicely into my pores after a minute or two, straight away my skin felt cool and fresh, I deffientley felt more awake which is good on early mornings. Next, I examend my skin and pores, they looked alot cleaner and smaller which is brill! I find alot of toners make my skin feel tight which then leads to little dry patches but this tonic was totally different, my skin felt supple and not tight at all. So clearly the cleanser and tonic are a great pair and i'd highly advise anyone to use them together to get the best results for your skin. I can't stress enough how important a good toner/tonic is and you'll find a big difference in how it makes your skin look and feel, especially if you use this one! The skin tonic is £12.50 on its own but it does make more sense to purchase it with the cleanser, moisturiser and cloths so you get the best result out of it and you're also grabbing youself a bargin while you're at it!

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser For Normal/Combination Skin 50ml- Okay so I have slight obsession with moisturisers, because my skin is dry in some places and normal to oily in others, I find it hard to get my hands on a moisturiser that combats all those problems BUMMER! However, I was really pleased to see that the cleanse & polish range came with a normal/combination moisturiser RESULT! I almost instantly twist open the lid and applied a little to the skin on my hand just to see what the texture was like. The repair moisturiser felt creamy and dense which I love because I like to feel it on my face all day to keep moisture in and dry air out! It wasn't sticky or oily either, thats always a good point because it won't interfear with your make-up. The smell of the moisturiser wasn't the same as the other products, it was quite plain but thats fine by me, it's more about the texture and what effect it gives.  I dapped small amounts over my cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck then gentley massaged it into my skin, making sure I avoided my under eye skin, it felt wonderfully rich and soft but did leave a little shine. After a couple of minutes I took a closer look at my face and noticed the shine had gone and a clear matte finish was left, it complimented the tonic well replacing any lost moisture and diminshed any little dry patches on my face. When applying make-up afterwards it didnt disturb my foundation or powder at all which made a change! The skin repair moisturiser comes in a cute little jar with an easy twist top and matches the skin tonic in colour, I always find it helpful if a product range is in matching colours, so I can see what goes with what, especially when labels rub off after a while and it's not easy to identify what the product is. All in all I found the moisturiser fantastic and I use it everyday now, so theres no more trawling through pharmacys or shops trying to find a suitable combination face cream! The moisturiser is priced at £18.75 on the website, it also has different types to suit various kinds of skin, theres an option to choose which one you'd like with the cleanse and polish range and again i'd advise you to buy everything together to get the full benefit of each product.

So there you go guys! I hope you enjoyed my post, Im very sorry about the quality of my pics i'll be changing them soon to something a bit clearer but im sure you get the jist of what the products look like :) If you'd fancy a browse at the Liz Earle website the address is and if you decide to purchase the Cleanse & Polish range I promise you won't be disapointed!
Happy Blogging Girlies

El Mac



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