Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish


Hey guys ! I hope you're all doing well :) The week's nearly over and I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. So, I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite Mac powders I use on a night out to get a smooth glitzy look! If you're unsure of what a 'skin finish' is, it's basically a multi use powder: it can be used on your cheeks, eyes and body if desired but mainly it's a highlighter. So, I'll go through each skin finish and If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! And, as always, I'll leave the link to the website at the top of my post so you can have a gander over their products!


Earthshine Mineralize Skin Finish-Where do I start with this one! This has to be my favorite Mac skin finish. It's from Mac's Heavenly Creatures collection and quite frankly it's gorgeous. I love the warm gold & brown tones, generally I use it as a bronzer around my cheeks but occasionally I use it all over my face when my skin tone goes darker over the summer. If you don't like a tanned/bronzed look i'd check a few other skin finishes Mac have on their website or in store, mainly there are only two that they offer: 'Soft & Gentle', for lighter skins and 'Gold deposit' which offers a glowy look. 'Earthshine' is a special edition skin finish and currently isn't being sold but you can still purchase it on ebay and amazon but make sure you're not buying a fake! Mac bring out different skin finishes each year but they are usually only out for a limited time, which is a bit rubbish if you ask me but I suppose that's what makes Mac so desirable. Anyways, moving on, this product has a seriously rich pigment as you can see from the pictures above, a little certainly goes a long way and I can tell the powder will last me forever - BONUS! Typically, most Mac powders I've had in the past have lasted me around 1 and half years till I reached the bottom of the pan, which, lets face it, is seriously good. I've been really impressed how well Earthshine stays in place all day and doesn't lose its glow, it works its magic best on a night out, it highlights my cheeks nicely, especially when the light's a bit dull - GENIUS ! This little beauty was priced at £21 and, you never know, it could come back to Mac stores in the future so don't get disheartened if you want to get your hands on it, like I said before, Ebay and Amazon are always great places to start plus some American companies may still offer it online so there's no harm in doing a bit of digging!




Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Lightscapade- Firstly, how pretty!? Lightscapade is a new skinfinish from Mac that I recently purchased online after reading some fab reviews on it! If you've already got Mac's 'Soft & Gentle' skin finish you'll love this, it's near enough the same colour but it has more of a pearly sheen to it which I love. The powder has a beautiful marbled effect and Mac use this throughout their products, I suppose it makes it quite unique compared to your bog standard face powder. Lightscapade is great for everday use to perk your skin up, it reflects light nicely to give you a dewy look without any unwanted shine, it also works great as an eyeshadow,if you are after a natural look but it still stands out enough to be noticed. This skinfinish, like the rest, is priced at £21 but like I've said before its worth the splurge as it last a long while!



Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Light Plus- This product is like my baby :) it was the first thing I purchased from Mac and it made me fall in LOVE with the whole brand! I'd eyed it up a few times at the Selfridges counter in Manchester and I decided to bite the bullet and buy. I admit it was a safe choice and probably doesn't seem very exciting but a face powder is really important to enhance your look, it compliments foundation and gets rid of any unwanted shine. Unlike the other skin finishes, it's natural, so it isn't used as a highlighter, it's simply used to give your skin a matte finish and an even skin tone, simple but effective. Light plus has really worked for me, its lasted all day everyday and if I do need to touch up its slim pan fits easily into my bag so I can take it with me anywhere. The natural skin finishes come in a multitude of tones from fair to very dark, it's really impressive that Mac offer such a wide range as I know how difficult it is to match your skin tone to a facial make-up product. I opted for light skin plus, as I'm not exactly pale but I'm not olive skinned either, it's basically a happy medium and I love it's soft sleek texture. All in all it's a staple to my daily make-up routine and I'd highly recommend it as a must have for your make-up draw. And, if you think it's a bit of a luxury buy, you could always put in a hint to Father Christmas to put it under your Christmas tree! ;) I promise you won't be disappointed.


Mac Mineralizer Skin Finish Gold Deposit- Okay, if you're into the whole ultra glowy look this is the skin finish for you! I've had Gold Deposit for a little while now and it's just fab. The rich pigment and glittery surface appealed to me instantly - I'm a girly girl, shiny things are my forte ;) ! As you can see, the gold tones are very deep so there's no need to apply a lot, a little amount on each cheek is enough to highlight the glamorous sparkle it gives off. This is usually my preferred skin finish on a night out as it just adds that extra special touch, it helps accentuate your cheek bones and gives you a touch of colour too but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has very fair skin as it may look a little too much and end up looking clown like NOT COOL ! As I've mentioned before, 'Soft & Gentle' and 'Lightscapade' would probably be more suited. I use Gold Deposit as an eyeshadow regularly, it has a beautiful high shine and you can use quite a reasonable amount to bring the rich gold colour out, it looks great with dark full lashes and a smokey eyeliner. This skin finish is great for a body illuminator too, a few brushes across your chest and arms leaves a beautiful bronzed effect that compliments most tanned skin tones but don't apply to much - you don't want to end up looking like a glitter ball on legs! Not surprisingly, it's priced at £21 like the rest and won't be going anywhere as its an original skin finish so don't worry if you want to wait to buy, it'll most probably be around for years. To conclude, I'd give this skin finish a 5 star rating, it's a well rounded highlighter and i'll always turn to it when I feel like I need brightening up :)

So guys, that was my first make-up post WOWZER! I really enjoyed typing it up, it made me appreciate my make-up a little more and I hope it inspired you to go out and try it for yourselves ? :) My twitter and email is below so just holla if you have a question about this post or any other!


Happy Blogging Guys!


El Mac

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