Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mac Marine Life High Light Powder

Hey ladies ! I hope you are all well :) This is just a quick post on my new favourite Mac high light powder, Marine Life from the 'To The Beach' collection. I was really desperate to buy this when it came out a while back but unfortunately I didn't really have enough pennies to purchase it :'( However, I found it on eBay a couple weeks back and I couldn't pass up the chance to buy it ! Its bright palette and metallic finish really appealed to me and having seen so many good reviews on it I really wanted to have one of my own. So here's a short review of the much anticipated Marine Life High Light Powder !
From left to right: gold/coral mix, light pink, coral
As you can see by the raised metallic gold seahorse, coral orange and light pink palette it's not hard to see why this high lighter is so desirable, like I said before I felt like I needed it as soon as I layed my eyes on it ! When it arrived in the post I ripped it out of the packaging, grabbed a blusher brush and applied it to the apple of my cheeks, the pigment was immense and a cool shimmer effect appeared throughout it. Unfortunately the metallic gold came off the seahorse after a few swipes of the brush but it did state that on a lot of reviews I'd seen, however the coral and light pink powder has its own  sheen to it so I wasn't overly fussed about losing the gold, I suppose it was only there for dramatic effect to draw us beauty fanatics in ;). The powder settled nicely on my skin, as do all of Mac's products, the pigment lasted all day and it made a really nice change to my usual bronzed look but still had the much wanted pearly sheen I love. As for the packaging I really loved it ! It's not like the typical black Mac pan, as you can see from the pictures it's a cool forest green colour which compliments the palette well, it's still a 10g pan and will last as long as most Mac powders depending on how frequently you use it. As I stated before I did buy this off eBay for a cheerful £22! Unfortunately you can't buy this on the Mac website anymore, just as well really as it was double the price on the official website but there are a lot of people selling genuine 'To The Beach' products on auction websites, so why not grab yourself a bargain if your pockets and purses are a little bare this month ? and if you love a bright blusher with a twist I'd definitely recommend Mac Marine Life High Light Powder, your cheeks will benefit massively! 
Hope you enjoyed ! Happy Blogging Girls ! Leave Your Comments !
El Mac


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    That Blush looks lovely!

    1. Aw thanks ! I've added the follow widget now :) xx El Mac

  2. That is the most adorable powder packaging!