Monday, 8 October 2012

Topshop Make-up Haul

Hey guys! I hope you've had a brill weekend ? Mines been fab, my little nephew Patrick was born on Monday so I've been spending a lot of time with him and the family, he's cutest thing I've ever seen !So unfortunately I've not had a huge amount of time to type up some more posts on my blog SOB! However, I bought a few goodies from Topshop last week so here's a short post on my recent purchases, hope you enjoy.........

Louise Gray At Topshop Brush Set- So the pictures I took don't do these brushes justice, the pastel mint green brushes and coral coloured carry bag are just fab ! Louise Gray, the designer for the brand Scots, has come up with a fantastic make-up range for Topshop and I was really impressed with just how dynamic it is, it's so colourful and bright and I opted to buy some of the make-up brushes as they where just so eye catching. I've been looking for some good quality make-up brushes that wouldn't break the bank and I was over the moon when I found these! The set comes with a foundation brush, blusher brush, highlighter brush, eyeshadow blending brush and an angled shadow liner brush GREAT RIGHT? I almost didn't want to use them they were that soft and pretty but after my slight hesitation I tried and tested each brush, the highlighter and blusher brushes are brill, they grab a lot of product and give a smooth application as did the shadow blending brush, it didn't effect the pigment of my eyeshadow and gave even coverage. As for the foundation brush, I wasn't so sure at first, I tend to not use foundation brushes I usually use sponges but I loved how soft it felt over my face and it helped around tricky areas like my nose and chin, it diminished clumps too which is great. Lastly the angled shadow brush has to be my favourite, I'm really not fond of liquid eyeliner I find it smudges and runs so I like to use a dark shadow to frame my eyes, the brush gives a sleek straight line and because it's angled it's easy to follow the natural shape of your eyelid. So all in all I'm really content with my little brush set :) It comes in a small practical zip carry case with little elastic holders and is easy to clean too BONUS! The Louise Gray Brush set cost £32 which is great for the quality of the brushes and if you're into colourful make-up I'd suggest you take a look at her range at she does some gorgeous lipsticks, blushers, nail varnishes and eyeliners all with quirky unique names which I love! I'm set on buying some more of her range so watch out for my blog posts soon!


Neige Steam Cream- Well I bet you're wondering about the name of this product, I was a bit confused at first too, I was like " steam cream "? So with a little research I discovered it's named after the process it goes through. Neige uses steam to combine all the natural ingredients that go into the cream! That's pretty damn cool if you ask me, the steam makes the cream light and the texture isn't like any other moisturiser I've tried before. I completely surrender to this cream, it's just amazing, I really can't find a fault, it's lightly scented and super rich plus the texture is so soft it's amazing. As for the ingredients, it's easy to see why my skin felt so supple after I used it, Neige uses a wide range of natural sources in its moisturiser such as Oat Milk which is soft and gentle on sensitive skin, Rose Absolute that helps repair dry skin, Orange Blossom which keeps the skins natural oils balanced and Jojoba Oil that helps to decrease sebum on your face which can reduce acne/spots. I love natural products but they're not always very effective however, Steam Cream is, I've started to use it every other day after I cleanse and tone, it completely protects my face from the cold or sun and its non greasy too so my make-up doesn't become out of place, it sinks quickly into my pores and there's no waiting around for it to dry either. I love the little tin it comes in too, I can slip it into my bag and take it with me where ever I go, so it's to apply it to any part of my skin that needs it. Neige promote recycling and they encourage you to re-use your tin when you've finished the cream and why not ? It's really pretty and for example you could add portions of Steam Cream into the old tin and take it with you on your holiday so you don't have to take a full pot :) To conclude I'm really happy that I found the amazing Neige Steam Cream and it will be a big favourite of mine for life! You'll notice a healthy glow and a smooth complexion all over your skin after a mere week. Weirdly Topshop have discontinued it literally the week I bought it but you can buy it on the Neige website for £12.50 which is an absolute bargin, trust me you'll be impressed.

Topshop Bronzer In Break Of  Day- I'm a huge fan of bronzer and I love a bright blusher too, so when I saw this on the Topshop website I had had had to buy it! I haven't really come across a mixed in bronzer and blusher combo so I thought this was pretty unique and I love the striking swirled pattern the powder has! Firstly I tried the bronzer and I have to say it didn't have a very strong pigment which is quite disappointing, it wasn't very noticeable on my cheeks and I found myself applying another brand of bronzer to make up for it but if your into subtle bronzers it would work quite well for, it has a very delicate shimmer effect too. Then I tried the blusher and WOW I love it! It has a really strong pigment compared to the bronzer and has a gorgeous pearly sheen which is fab, it's a cutesy bright pink colour and you don't have to keep applying layer after layer to get the colour to stand out. Lastly, I tried both the blusher and bronzer mixed together and TADA! It really worked, the bright pink and warm gold bronzer worked well together they, it had a very natural look when applied to my skin and wasn't too over powering which is very refreshing, the blush bronzer complimented my foundation well and gave my cheeks a bit of colour. The bronzer comes in a cute compact that's has a edgy black and white design on the top, as you can see in the pics, it's really easy to open and I wouldn't worry accidentally dropping it, it's very sturdy and there won't be a risk of the powder crumbling. The Break Of Day Bronzer hasn't been my favourite purchase of all time but I did love the final effect it gave my skin and if you're looking for something similar but not as bright Topshop do the same compact but in a slight different shade called Desert Sun that has a more peachy blusher. Break Of Day is priced at £12.50 on the Topshop website and there are a few different types of bronzers/blushers available so have a look and see if any catch your eye, I don't think I'll be using this compact regularly but try it for yourself, everyone has different skin tones and what doesn't work for me, might work for you !


So there you have it ! Hope you liked my post ladies :) I'll be putting up a whole load of posts tomorrow so keep an eye out!
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  1. I can't wait to returned to the U.K. and buy some TOPSHOP makeup... I don't know why I never did >.<