Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Elizabeth Arden And YSL Haul


Hi ladies! Hope you've all had a fab weekend, can you believe it's October already ? Two pay days till Christmas .. HOLY MOLY! and with Christmas comes chilly weather, which can be a killer for your skin, so this post highlights a few of my favourite winter goodies to protect and perfect you're face.


1.Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Daily Moisturiser 50ml- This has always been a favourite of mine, my dear old grandma has used this for years and to be honest her skin looks great, so when she bought me some a few years ago I jumped at the chance to try it and Ive been hooked ever since! Admittedly, its a tad pricey, £26 to be exact but a little goes a long way with this product so there's no need to be rushing to the shops every month to stock up. Elizabeth Arden face moisturisers always have an SPF in them which is really important if you want to protect your face from the day to day sun, even though I'm only in my twenties I do worry about getting older and a good SPF will stop sun damage that can lead to wrinkles in the future. I absolutely love the smell and feel of this moisturiser, it has an almost spa like quality to it. The formula is slightly thick but blends easily into my skin and I must stress the scent is quite strong so if you have a sensitive nose you might find it a little over powering! I was worried at first about the shine I got around the T-zone area but after a few minutes that went and I was left with a matte finish which is brill! I have to say it makes my skin feel really supple and gives it  a nice dewy look which is a bonus, I even mix it in with a little foundation if I don't feel like using the whole works on my face, it makes a brill homemade tinted moisturiser :) The cream does exactly what it says on the tin and keeps a good barrier on my skin for at least 8 hours, which stops the cold air from drying certain areas. However, don't think this product is just for the cooler months, I occasionally use it in the summer especially after sunbathing or being in the sun all day, it has a beautiful soothing effect that works wonders! All in all its a great little product and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, it works with most skin types and would be a great mini stocking filler for crimbo or just a general gift.

2.Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum 15ml- I found this product a little while ago after searching for a face primer, I've never found one that I like and I was questioning whether it was even worth having one. However, as a last ditch attempt I went to my local Elizabeth Arden counter and asked a consultant there for her suggestions and she presented me with the morning serum, she told me it was a priming serum that helped makeup go on more evenly with a smoother finish, so I opted to buy some and again it was pricey at £30 but it does last forever. I was very weary of the product at first as I said before Ive never found a primer that's worked for me but it proved me wrong! The serum comes in a lovely slim line frosted glass bottle with a little dispenser on the top, its great to travel with as its quite small and dainty. As for the scent its none existent which was a surprise as Elizabeth Arden products are usually strong scented but it didn't really bother me that much, in fact it was quite refreshing. I apply about half  a drop to my face, paying special attention to my T-zone area, the texture of the serum is quite runny/oily but blends well into my skin, it's also a clear liquid which makes it very different from other primers that usually come in odd apricot/beige colours. After Ive applied it to my face and the serums sank into my skin, I blend in my foundation then powder etc. The real test was to see if it kept my makeup in place all day which it did HALLELUJAH! It even gave my skin a more glowy look which is impressive seen as it's under an abundance of makeup :) To round the product up it's basically a wonder serum, if you haven't found a suitable primer yet give this a go it will probably surprise you! It's fab to use on night out as well ladies especially if you're a bit worse for wear it keeps your face products firmly fixed ;)

3.YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch No.1- Okay guys this has to be my favourite product of all time and I'll tell you why! YSL brought this product out a few years ago now and I swear by it, it's advertised as an under eye highlighter to diminish dark circles but believe me it does so much more. My mum actually purchased it before me and she sang its praises for a long while and still does, so I tried a little as an experiment during my gcse days in school, as I was up late revising a lot and people had mentioned I was looking exhausted NICE ONE :( to be honest my eyes were looking a little sallow and tired. I apply a small amount under my eye, not directly under, I just follow the bone socket of my eye. The skin under your eye is so so soooo delicate and I'd advise you not to put any product on there, it can cause the skin to swell over time and also damages small blood vessels as the motion of applying the makeup upsets it. A lot of under eye products contain vegetable starch which creates the effect of plumpness, which is great at first but over years delicate skin absorbs the starch which leads to the dreaded eye bags ! I see so many older women that have puffy bloated bulges under their eyes and that's usually down to applying the wrong product in the wrong spots near the eye, so please take my advice and apply in the correct areas! Anyways I'll stop lecturing you all and get back to the product :) It comes in a slimline gold tube with a click dispenser at the bottom to adjust how much product you want to use, I usually use one 'click' of the dispenser, it comes out on to soft white bristles at the top which makes it easy to apply. I order it around the skin in little spots then gently dab it into my skin with my ring finger and make sure you always use that finger on under eye skin as it has the lightest touch, it sounds silly but a makeup artist told me that once and I always follow professional advise to get the best results! Also make sure you don't drag the product across the skin as that can damage it too. The colour of the highlighter doesn't immediately match the colour of your skin until you blend, it's got quite a rich pigment as it's supposed to let the light bounce off the surface to hide the darker skin. It comes in a few different shades, I use No.1 for fair skin but I'm not entirely sure if YSL make it for darker skins which would be handy for ladies with black/dark tanned/olivey skin, I suppose that's the only down side I can think of. As I said before it does more than hide dark circles! I personally use it on a few different areas such as 1.The tubercle of my lip to create a more of a 'cupids bow ' I use it like a guideline/lip liner for paler lipsticks so I don't lose the shape of my lip, I apply around the top of my mouth following the natural lines then blend, it definitely makes my lipstick stand out more. 2. Touche Eclat is perfect for hiding blemishes or small bits of uneven skin tone, its texture is lighter then a standard concealer, so it seems alot more natural on your skin, I just blend it in to the concerned area, I usually have very good skin but I do get the odd spot, so when I do I wack on a bit of highlighter and I don't worry about anyone seeing my humongous spot for the rest of the day! 3. The worst thing is when you get a bruise on your leg and you reach out for the tights to hide it on a night out but instead of hiding your pins hide the bruise instead ! I apply little amounts to the area and it works a treat to hide those big purpely bruises, especially when your on holiday and you want to look glam and not like Mike Tyson's had a round with your leg ;) So to conclude Touche Eclat is a fantastic highlighter/miracle worker and I will forever use it and I pray it's never discontinued, I would literally be lost without it! It's £25 from any YSL counter & online but you can get it from other beauty sites for a little cheaper, you just have to do some digging! So get buying girlie's you'll be sorry if you don't :) !

This is officially my first beauty post YAY! I hope you enjoy reading it guys :) Please leave me some comments and leave your blog url's I'd love to have a gander over your pages.


Lots Of  Love
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    1. It's amazing ! Really worth buying :) thankyouuuuu ! <3

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