Friday, 30 November 2012

Stila One Step Correct

Hello ladies ! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Friday and is looking forward to the weekend :) It's the first of December tomorrow and I'm guessing everyone is going to attempt to decorate their Christmas trees or in my case stand back while my Mother takes over, as per usual ;) So seen as it's practically 25 days till Christmas, the rush to find everyones crimbo prezzie is on and with that in mind I thought I'd share with you a blemish healing luxury goody that would please any girl to find in their stockings or wrapped up under their trees!

Stila One Step Correct 30ml- Now, if you're like me, the odd spot or slight un-even skin tone can really get you down and sometimes concealers just won't do a good enough job of hiding it, so one day last week, after fighting with my skin, I headed down to my local Boots in search of something to freshen up my slightly blemished face. After scouring the isles I came across the Stila One Step Correct formula and I have to say I loved the packaging/bottle of this product, pretty swirls of mint, lavender and peach really grabbed my attention and I was intrigued to find out more. Luckily, a lady also admiring the Stila make-up range assured me that the One Step Correct formula was "Brilliant" and that she uses it everyday to "Brighten up her skin", I pretty much took her word for it seeing how lovely her complexion looked and decided to buy. Once home I squeezed a small amount onto my hand and smoothed it out, the mint, lavender and peach mixed together to form a very pale green colour. Now, some people might be wondering how a green formula would help blemishes but trust me it's a known fact that it does ! Basically, the green pigment cancels out redness around the face plus the added lavender hides sallow yellow skin under the eyes and the peach can brighten/illuminate the skin ... clever right ? Baring all this in mind, I cleansed and moisturised my face then applied the formula to the blemishes. I could immediately see a difference to the redness, the green settled the blemish into a very unnoticeable pale pink and I could definitely see that my face looked refreshed and renewed, I then applied my normal make-up over the top and after a few moments I could barely see any blemishes, super impressed! After, I carried on with my day as normal but occasionally checked up on my skin to see if this wonder formula was keeping up the good work and non surprisingly it was, no redness, no dull skin, no problem! Happy days :) The Stila One Step Correct can be found on the Boots website here and is priced at £24, this may seem expensive but it's worth the spend down to how effective and beautifully pigmented the formula is, so if you want to treat your skin or someone else's this Christmas I'd definitely recommend the Stila One Step Correct to diminish those pesky blemishes all winter long.
Have you tried the Stilla One Step Correct ? What are your views ?
El Mac


  1. id love to try this out! I think it will be my next purchase...great post!


  2. nice post..
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  3. That looks like a very very interesting product. I never used anything from Stila also I never managed to find any Stila products at Boots o_O and I've been to a lot of them in London lol. So weird.