Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FM Cosmetics Make Up Haul

Hi guys ! I hope you're all doing well and looking forward to Christmas ?! Personally, it's my favourite time of the year and I love the whole process of giving and receiving gifts, especially because my family is very female dominated and I spend a lot of time browsing beauty counters deciding what to buy everyone .. GIRL POWER ! So, with Christmas presents in mind I thought it would be a good idea to introduce to you a company I recently discovered that supply pretty much every type of beauty must haves from eyeliners right down to perfumes ! FM Cosmetics was introduced to me on Facebook via a lovely girl named Kirsty, we arranged a meet up so she could show me what FM had to offer, we went through an abundance of products and she explained to me what FM Make Up was all about. Basically FM produce mineral based make-up, perfumes and other beauty goodies that match your high end faves but offer an affordable price tag... what's not to love ? Now I can't lie, I was hesitant of this company at first as I'm really picky when it comes to make-up and I always go with well known brands to avoid disappointment but that worry diminished after testing just a few of their products ! Kirsty kindly let me borrow some of FM's make-up products to review for my blog so here's my post on my favourite FM must haves....Enjoy!

FM Baked Powder Sun Kissed Effect 7g- So I got slightly giddy over this powder as it mimics my beloved Mac Gold Deposit skin finish. If you have G&D you'll know it's gold pigment is unreal and very hard to match to any product, until now. From swatching it on my fingers the resemblance was uncanny, glimmery gold pigment, super soft texture and shimmery bronzed flecks stood out to me immediately ... so impressed ! I decided to put it to the test and wore it on a night out recently to see if it would last, the mineralized powder held well on my brush and once applied to my cheeks the gold pigment blended nicely with my skin tone leaving me looking slightly bronzed and my cheeks looking shimmery/dewy. Baked powder is pretty much a multi-use product and can be applied to your shoulders, arms and legs on wet or dry skin to give yourself a bit of colour and definition. My favourite way to use this product at the moment is to apply it to my eyes as an eyeshadow, it works well with dark smokey liners and compliments bronzed eyeshadows too, it has a great festive feel to it that will glam up your look for Christmas. I have to say this Sun Kissed effect powder reflected light well and disguised any parts of uneven skin tone on my face and shoulders, which is a relief, as I didn't worry about any blotchy skin standing out through the night. All in all, I'm so pleased with this powder and I can't believe it's over taken my favourite Mac skin finish ! At £9.99 you really can't say no to this little beauty.

FM Silicone Base 15ml- As you may know from previous posts I'm not a lover of primers and I haven't found them any use so far. However, FM offer a Silicone Base serum that helps reduce pore size and benefits the application of your choice of foundation, to be honest it looked very intriguing so I thought it was worth a shot. I squeezed a small amount of the Silicone Base on to my finger and the formula was gel like and silky to touch, I still wasn't convinced how this was going to work on my face but after applying it to my T-zone area I could see a noticeable difference. My pores looked smaller, my skin was less shiny and my face felt really smooth, I was pleasantly surprised and decided to apply my foundation over the silicone to see if this made any difference to the appearance of the formula. I have to say I could see a transformation in the way my foundation settled on my skin, the silicone base almost created a barrier between my skin and the foundation so it didn't feel as heavy on my face. I'm really loving the matte finish it leaves and I'd highly recommend you to use this product on days when your not feeling the whole make-up look, it leaves a nice dewy finish on your skin that doesn't need any powder or foundation to enhance your facial features .... very Au Natural. I'd brand this a wonder serum and it's really worth spending a small £9.99 on it as a little goes a long way so I wouldn't think you'd run out of this product that quickly. Seriously though guys, give it a try you'll really see the differences that I've mentioned.

FM Mineral Powder Bronzing Effect Amber 8g- I love my bronzing products and I particularly like this FM bronzing powder named Amber. I'm forever seeing bronzing powders with daft sparkly sun shapes in the middle that quite frankly don't match my skin and are far too dark for anyone to wear in my opinion ! That's why I'm quite fond of this two tone Amber Mineral powder, it offers a cool sandy colour along side a rich bronzed brown pigment that would really compliment any girl with a medium skin tone. After mixing the two powders together with a  brush and lightly dusting it over my face it really brightened the look of my complexion, it left my skin feeling really soft and there was no sign on cakeyness which I've had trouble with whilst using other bronzing powders in the past. The best part about this product is how natural it looks and I know from previous experiences how hard it is to create a natural tan whilst trying to avoid the full on UmpaLumpa/Tangerine vibe. So I wouldn't worry with Amber it really does leave you with a nice bronzed colour without any shine or orange under tones. Last but not least this superb powder includes important UV filters that protect your skin from the sun, I cannot stress how important it is to defend your skin from UV rays and because this product is a powder it's covering your entire face so will help cover delicate areas such as your under eye skin that can be easily damaged by sunlight, plus it will keep those wrinkles away in later life ... FOREVER YOUNG ;) Amber Mineral Powder is priced at £7.99 and comes with a handy sponge to create even coverage, need I say more ?

FM Glow Powder Pearls 18g- These Powder Pearls really are exciting to look at aren't they ? and they're an absolute delight to use too ! I'm all for a glowy facial look and I'm in love with any kind of skin finish so, you can probably tell why I was thrilled to give this product a go. The shiny multi-coloured pearls are to die for, each individual colour offers a beautiful metallic sheen and when mixed together adds different dimensions of luminosity to your face, arms and neckline. I know at first the powder pearls can seem a little daunting due to there brightly coloured appearance but don't fret because each pearl has a very fine pigment and it only deposits a high glimmery sheen to the skin. The Glow Powder Pearls come with a cute Powder Puff that grabs the product efficiently so you can dust the formula where ever you please. I opted to use the product over my face and I couldn't fault it at all, the powder gave my skin a fresh glow whilst highlighting certain facial features such as my cheeks and jaw line. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get a good enough photo to show you the effect as it's quite gentle but don't let that put you off as it's a definite must have to finish off any make-up look. The Powder Pearls are packed full of vitamins A and E that keep moisture locked in and harsh natural elements out, this diminishes any dull areas of the skin and generally brightens your complexion, which will keep your skin happy over the winter months. I would rate this product a massive 10 out of 10 for its originality, coverage and soft metallic pigment, FM has really got a winner here and the  £13.50 Glow Powder Pearls are definitely going on my Christmas list !

Have you tried any FM prodcuts ? What are your favorites ?
I'm now currently working for FM cosmetics and if you are interested in having an FM make-up party or want to buy any of their products please email me on ellie921@hotmail.co.uk for more information. Please note I can only host parties in the Preston area at the moment.


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  1. The baked powder is one of my faves! It's just so versatile!
    I also love the silicone base! I have quite oily skin so my foundation often slides but with the silicone base it just keeps everything in place all day long! :)

    1. I love both , Im really impressed with them :) x

  2. YUM. That baked golden powder looks delicious! Great review!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. PS Your blog is so beautifully designed! So glad I found it - now following you :-) x

    2. Aw Thankyou ! :) a lovely girl called felicity designed it for me her links/logo is at the bottom ! Followed you back <3