Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nars Haul

Hi guys ! I hope you are all well ? Guess what ?! NEARLY A MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS ! .... Crazy right ? Where has this year gone ? Anyways, enough of my rambelings, I thought it was about time I do a Nars cosmetics post. I haven't really tried Nars before this year.. why ? I don't quiet know, as I absolutely love my recent purchases and I've been kicking myself that I haven't tried it sooner, so without further or do here's my in depth Nars post, I hope you enjoy !

Nars Blush Orgasm 4.8g - Well despite the rudey-dudey name ! This blusher is extremely sweet and innocent. I spotted this beautiful blush on the Nars website and decided it had to be mine due to its cutesy pink colour and daring name, I don't really own many blushers so I thought 'Orgasm' would do nicely as I've been looking for a day to day blush that will be become a staple to my everyday make-up needs. When my Nars order arrived in the post I didn't hesitate to test it out, YAY ! The colour of the blusher was even better in real life and once swatched on my hand a pretty gold undertone emerged through the deep pigmented pink, blusher heaven ! Once I applied the blush to my cheeks it appeared so shimmery and bright, the gold flecks gave my skin an almost glowy look which, you may have noticed in my other posts, I can't get enough of. As for the texture, it's super soft, probably my favourite powder touch wise and its staying power is impressive too, it pretty much lasted a good ten hours without touch ups... BONUS ! I know for a fact this Nars blusher will suit most skin tones due to its dense pigmentation and it's a great way to brighten up your look over winter, I'd even say it would be perfect for the party season at Christmas just because the gold sheen is so glam and chic. This lovely compact blusher comes in a smooth matte pan with a convenient slim line mirror concealed inside, very handy indeed, as for the price, well it isn't the cheapest at £21 but it's worth the splurge to brighten up your winter. All in all a great buy in my books, I'm extremely happy that Nars whipped up this little beauty and I'll definitely consider delving into other Nars blushers in the future.

Nars The Multiple Riviera 14g- Now this is just genius ! 'The Mutiple' has to be the best buy of the month for me, down to the fact it can be used in so many different ways and I'll explain how. Admittedly, when I came across this on the Nars website I was slightly doubtful that it would work for my eyes, cheeks and lips, I couldn't see how it was going to do a decent job on each very different parts of the skin, however, after much deliberation I gave into my beauty brain and decided to buy it. Once 'The Multiple' arrived I gave it a swatch, so so so pretty, the rich formula was creamy, light and smooth to touch, I could now see what everyone was raving about. Once smoothed onto my cheeks the colour was to die for, simple pink brilliance, I couldn't knock it at all, it left a beautiful dewy shimmer that seemed so effortless and chic. Next, I applied a little to my lips and the benefits of this product just kept coming, it blended perfectly with my own natural lip colour but added a gorgeous sort after sheen that gave my pout an extra OOOMPH ! I added a little gloss to give it a bit more of a shiny edge but you could quite easily leave 'The Multiple' as it is if you like a natural matte finish. Now for the eyes, I wouldn't normally use the colour 'Riviera' for an eyeshadow, I usually go with gold, bronze or smokey colours but never the less I gave it a whirl. I applied the product with my finger tips and dabbed it gently across my lids, the creamy formula works wonders and doesn't leave any excess mess that you would get with normal powder eyeshadow, unfortunately, I didn't love the colour on my eyes, I'm just not one for wearing pink shadow I don't feel it suits my eye colour but I would recommend this to anyone who loves bright summery eye palettes it's definitely the one for you. This practical cute chubby stick comes in a twist tube which gives you the ability to control how much you'd like to apply and believe me it's totally worth shelling out £29 due to the fact it can be used in so many different ways. There's another 14 shades to choose from so I'm sure there's a colour for everyone and Nars even offer a bronzing multiple for any girl that loves a golden glow... WANT! After my successful Nars purchases this month I'm definitely going to be visiting their site more often and I'll be adding an abundance of their products to my Christmas lists.... NARS LOVER FOR LIFE <3
Have you tried any Nars products ? What's your favourite ?
El Mac



  1. I love Riviera! Also love Copacabana as a highlighter. I hear a lot of bloggers going on about Laguna bronzer but I've never tried it. Maybe that'll be next! Great reviews hun. Jo x

  2. I really want to try the bronzer ! It's going on my christmas list for sure :) Thankyou !! :) x

  3. I love the look of that blusher! I'm about out of my Bella Bamba and that looks like a good replacement :) xx

    1. best blusher I own :) totally worth buying ! xx