Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Casual Christmas

Hey guys ! I hope everyone is well ? It's literally just under 2 weeks till Christmas .... Excited much ?! I've pretty much finished my crimbo shopping for this year which is a massive relief to be honest, I can't cope with the festive ques any longer ! So with that being said, I can now focus a little more on myself and my winter wardrobe. I know my blog is predominately beauty based but being female clothes and shoes are also a huge passion of mine and I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my new casual Christmas pieces that will be a staple to my everyday look right through these chilly months.
1.Dark Red Molly Jeggings- I spotted these lovelies not so long ago in my local River Island and absolutely loved how soft and comfy they were ! They've really brightened up the bottom half of my look and work perfectly with boots or flats. I tend to team the jeggings with cardigans and jumpers to add a splash of colour to the casual trend plus they work great with a simple blouse to give a smarter look. River Island offer a range of different coloured jeans/jeggings so there's plenty to choose from and there will be at least one pair that will work with anything in your wardrobe. I can pretty much see myself using these right into next year and at £35 they're a complete fashion steal.
2.Black Stud Trim Bobble Hat- I've never really owned a bobble hat before, except for the garish multicoloured knitted disasters that were blonked on my head as a child, AWFUL ! But I've noticed throughout this year and last that the bobble hat has become quite chic and I thought I might as well go with the flow and treat my myself to this £7.99 Newlook studded bobble hat. I have to say I've loved wearing it and my ears have definitely benefited from the warmth, It matches anything that I'm wearing due to it's classic black colour and the studs add a cool edgy look, it's official I'm loving the bobble hat trend !
3.Black Leather Look Faux Fur Collar Jacket- When winter came around this year I went on my usual hunt for a jacket and my beloved River Island presented me with this cosy but sleek leather look number. This was an easy buy for me as I've always loved bicker jackets and the added fur was the cherry on top of the cake. It really is incredibly comfy, easy to move in and works with anything I'm wearing, plus the thick faux fur is super soft and keeps the winter chills away from my face and neck. This black leather look biker is priced at £60 which I couldn't really argue with seeing as I've definitely got some great use out of it and I'm positive that I'll be wearing it well into next year and maybe the year after too.
4.Dark Red Navajo Print Scarf- I love my scarves and I'm quite sure that I have the biggest collection in the entire world, so this winter I thought it wouldn't hurt to add a new one to the crew ! River Island, in my opinion, do some great scarves and I opted to buy the red Navajo scarf seeing as the predominate colour was red and would match some key pieces I have in my wardrobe. The scarf is made from a soft heavy weight cotton like material that really keeps the warmth in plus its quite long so it easily covers the tops of your legs, which is a massive bonus especially when your wearing flimsy thin leggings. This has definitely been my scarf saviour this year and I'd highly advise anyone to invest in one, I mean look at the Aztec design, it almost has a Christmasy feel to it right ? River Island has priced the Navajo scarf at £18 and you can also get the same design in a cool beige/black combo, yes I bought that one too .... SCARF MAD !
5.Traditional Fairisle Hand Warmers- Okay, so one of my pet peeves in winter is grabbing your phone out of your bag and having to remove your gloves every time to want to text or ring someone... so frustrating right? With that being said, I went on a mission to find some fingerless gloves that would help with the whole glove texting mobile dilemma. Now, most fingerless gloves come across as a bit butch and not very lady like so I was completely put of the idea after trying a few on in various shops but whilst in Topshop I came across these pretty oxblood coloured hand warmers. These cosy hand warmers didn't have any hideous cut of fingers and they tucked in nicely under the cuffs of my coat, the whole idea is that you pull the warmers over your hands to cover the bottom half of your fingers and when you need to grab something your hands are completely free whilst being protected from the cold at the same time. These pretty fairisle warmers have been my best bargain buy at £10 and they just go to show that fashion practicality isn't a myth ;)
6.Red Check Flannel Shirt- I don't really tend to wear a lot of shirts, there's mainly blouse like tops in my wardrobe and I had been looking for something a bit more casual. I came across this £30 flannel shirt in River Island and loved the classic design and chic studded collar, the shirt is made from 100% cotton and is easy to match with jeans, leggings or shorts for a comfy casual look. The main positive to this shirt is the sleeves, they can be rolled up or left down to give the shirt a subtle style change, the shirt can also be buttoned way up to the top to add a geek chic style or left undone to create a more casual feel. I like to add big gold statement necklaces with this flannel shirt to match the studs and give it an edgy look, I always enjoy wearing this particular top as it seems quite festive but mainly because it keeps me toasty and warm, River Island offer a range of brightly coloured flannel shirts that will be appearing in my wardrobe over the next month for sure!
7.Black Stud Ankle Boots- Now as every girl knows, ankle boots are a must over the winter to keep are feet warm and are look smart but casual. I found these beautiful slightly heeled ankle boots in River Island a few weeks ago and I literally haven't stopped wearing them! The soft leather and fashion stud design appealed to me straight away and I pop them on my feet at any chance I get. I'm quite fond of the 1 inch heel the boots offers, it adds a little height plus it puts your legs at an angle where they seem a tad slimmer... BONUS! I tend to wear these boots with leggings as its a bit tricky tucking jeans into them but they work well with most things and they match my chic biker jacket too. The boots have two zips either side so they're easy to slip off and on but I would advise to wear pop socks with these particular boots as they're quite a snug fit, which I personally like but if your not keen on the idea I'd go a shoe size up. The boots are priced at £69.99 and you can find them in most River Island outlets, they aren't currently advertised online due to low stock but as I said before they are still stocked in store :)

What do you think of my Casual Christmas look ? What's been your best fashion buy this month ?


El Mac


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