Friday, 26 June 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Review

 The Real Techniques Bold Metals collection launched around the end of January this year and I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on them! Admittedly, it took me a while to purchase as they're on the pricey side but after giving in to my urges I went ahead and picked a couple up from my local Boots. I decided to go with the 100 Arched Powder and the 301 Flat Contour brushes, the other brushes didn't really take my fancy as I knew I wouldn't end up using them and it would be pushing on £100 for the full face set. I've always been a huge fan of Real Techniques and there is no denying that their brushes are on par with any professional synthetic brush. I knew before I took my newbies out of the packaging that I would love them just as much as their predecessors and I have to give RT top marks for the colour/style of the Bold Metals collection. Both brushes are beautifully angled and weighted which personally helps with application of powders they just felt sturdier and really worked any product into my skin. I immediately fell in love with the 100 as it moves so nicely across any base I've applied, it didn't leave trail marks or cling onto any foundation and its domed shape helped to get any pressed powder into those awkward spots around my nose and eyes. As for the 301 this took a little getting used to as I always apply any contour with an angled brush, however it definitely picks up more product and distributes bronzer evenly on my cheek hollows and forehead, plus I didn't have to blend for as long as I normally would and for me that is the dream! All in all I'm completely content with the brushes I chose and I've pretty much reached for them everyday, they're an absolute delight to use and really stand out in the mountain of makeup brushes I've collected over the years. Style and substance what more could you want really ?


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