Monday, 3 August 2015

Zoella Beauty Range Review

So, we all have our favourite blogger/ youtuber right ? For me, its Zoella (no surprises there) I've pretty much followed Zoe since day one (super fan over here) and it's been amazing to watch her grow and inspire so many people over the last few years. As a self proclaimed die hard fan, I was over the moon when she brought out her new beauty range a few weeks ago! I loved her previous range so I was super eager to try the new Tutti Frutti inspired bath & body products. Without hesitation, I headed straight to the Superdrug website and placed my order. Unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of the lip balm or body scrub as they'd sold out so quickly, this is probably due to the fact they were the highly anticipated new additions that the previous range didn't offer (slightly disheartened) However, I got hold of everything else and it all arrived the next day (thank the lord for next day delivery)
1. Candy Cream Body Lotion
This has to be my favourite from the whole range! I love a good body lotion as I'm always hankering after soft/smooth skin and this particular cream really does deliver all of those things. The formula is super luxurious and smells amazing, this is probably down to the cute bursting beads and blueberry extracts!(nice touch) I religiously use candy cream after every bath and shower, as it really does lock in moisture without making your skin feel clammy or sticky, which for me is really important especially in the summer (if you can call it summer). I can tell that the bottle will last me ages too! I'm not even a quarter way through yet as a little really goes a long way. This dreamy lotion is priced at only £5 and can be found here.
2. Fresh Fizz Bath Bombs
Can I just point out that these were an utter delight to use! I 'm definitely a bath person and always go to town on bath bombs whenever I get the chance. I absolutely loved the Fizz Bars from Zoe's previous range so I didn't think twice about purchasing the new ones! The bath bombs come in a dainty bar form with breakable pieces you can crumble under the tap or pop straight into the bath, they quietly fizz away releasing a fresh fruity fragrance and within minutes your bathing experience is transformed (yes it's really that life changing) I could honestly lay in the bath all day! They genuinely smell that damn good! The bombs are also priced at £5 and can be found here.
3. Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel
You know everyone has that one shower gel they save for best? (is this just me lol ?) Over the years I've had to be quite selective with body washes as my skin can react quiet badly to certain brands (very annoying/random) So undoubtedly I'm always a bit cautious about trying fragranced shower gels. However, I gave the Foam Sweet Foam a chance and I wasn't disappointed. It's a pleasure to use and does all the things a shower gel should do with an added luxury touch. My skin always feels soft and fresh after each use plus the delicate fragrance lasts on your body all day, you literally need to use a 5 pence piece amount as it foams up nicely (clues in the name) I've recently purchased a further three from here as It's become my ultimate fav!
4. Lets Spritz Body Mist
The people who know me best will all agree that I am obsessed with perfumes, body sprays and body mists! (I like to smell good 24/7 365) I didn't even need to think about buying Lets Spritz as I was and still am infatuated with Blissful Mistful. I loved Zoe's description of the new scent and I knew I needed it in my life (perfume addict problems). First off ,the packaging is to die for! Polka dots and lace with cute pastel pinks/blues, it sits so nicely on my bathroom windowsill looking all chic and girly. The mist has notes of Raspberry and Cassis which literally smells like summer in a bottle, I drench myself in the stuff whenever I get a chance. It compliments the lotion beautifully and really helps to lock in that Tutti Frutti scent. It's perfect to pop in your bag for the day and would make a sweet little gift for a friend or relative. I reach for Lets Spritz daily and wouldn't leave the house without a couple of sprays. Grab yours here for only £8
Have you tried any of the new Zoella Beauty range? Which product is your favourite?


  1. The Candy Cream lotion sounds amazing! Zoe has done incredibly well for her self, it's really cool to see how team internet has really taken over!

    1. I know she's such an inspiration ! X