Friday, 5 June 2015

Dogs n' Dough Review

Hey guys! Hope you've had a lovely week? Thank god it's Friday right? And with that being said in my household Friday night is cheat food night! So if you're looking for a restaurant to indulge in everything carb, cheese and chocolate related Dogs n' Dough is the place to go!
Dogs n' Dough is a little American style restaurant situated on Bow Lane in Manchester, admittedly a bit out of site down a small side street but I'd say that just adds to its charm! On entering I felt like I was in a retro diner, green leather booths, dim lighting and Dirty Dancing playing in the background. Our waitress was super sweet and explained the whole menu, as you can probably tell from the name, Dogs n' Dough, they mainly offer Hot Dogs and Pizza, no complaints there ;)! After scanning the menu for a good 10 minutes I decided to go for The Cowboy dog, cheese fries and a lemon meringue cocktail (delish). My boyfriend went for The Spring Chicken pizza, a beer and we shared the fries. My food came served in a diner style basket whilst Luke's came in a takeaway style pizza box, not exactly a fine dinning experience but I personally loved how kitch everything was. I have to say my meal fulfilled every expectation, packed with flavour, mouth wateringly good and would satisfy most peoples weekend cravings. All in all myself and Luke really enjoyed our time there, the prices were great, the staff were lovely and the scran was well... Complete Food Porn! So, If you're out and about in Manchester this weekend and not watching the old waist line, I would highly suggest you give Dogs n' Dough a try!
Have a look and their menu here 
(WARNING you may drool)
Bow Lane, Manchester M2 4JW

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