Sunday, 30 August 2015

Combination Skin Care Favourites

Clinique Take The Day Of Cleansing Balm 125ml
So, this product is quite a big deal for me... Why ? Well, It may have replaced my beloved Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm :O ! I know, I know... I thought I'd never find a more affordable and equally as amazing facial balm ever ! My face has never felt so clean and soft plus it removes makeup like a dream, even super stubborn eye makeup without any fuss or hassle. Clinique's facial balm has a stiffer consistency to E. Hardie's but melts quickly onto the skin, I simply move it around my face and neck till all the makeup, dirt and oil is lifted then I wipe over a clean damp facial cloth to remove everything. Simple, effective and quick!
 Find it here - £22
Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque 75ml
I found this little beauty a couple of months back when I was desperate to find something to help my pesky blocked pores and oily T-zone. I'd tried a few cheap face masques from my local drug store but nothing was cutting it ! Fortunately, I found a nifty sample of the skin refining masque in the bottom of my draw, I gave it a try and absolutely loved it ! I decided to buy the 75ml bottle and continued to use it 1-2 times a week for the past 5 weeks. This masque specifically tackles, congestion, large pores and over active oil production (a short story on El's skin by Dermalogica loool) the product itself is a smooth, white, clay like texture packed full of green tea, grapefruit and lentil seed. I use a small amount around my T-zone and neck area then leave it on for around 15 minutes, sometimes longer depending on how bad my skin is looking. I wont say that the masque is a complete miracle worker as my pores are still a little large but it really does lift all the gunk and grime that your skin collects daily, plus my face is definitely less oily which I'm completely over the moon about. Overall, this is the perfect solution for greasy clogged skin and I'd 100% recommend it to anyone struggling with any of the problems I listed above.
Find it here - £30.30 
Nip+Fab Skin Glycolic Scrub Fix 75ml
Face scrubs are a must for me, as not only is my face ridicously oily at times it can be overly dry and flaky too (combination skin problems). When I was having my skin crisis a month or two ago I started to develop mild acne around my cheeks/neck/chest, I only ever get small spots on my T-zone area and very, very rarely get a pimple anywhere else. Along with this I started to get overly dry around my nose and hairline which was definitely unappreciated -_- I was really struggling to find a scrub that would take on my acne and dry patches without making either situation worse (nightmare!) I was frantically looking through the website when I came across the Nip + Fab products, the Glycolic Scrub had a killer 5 star review and I noticed that the ingredients included salicylic acid (great for preventing spots). Considering the scrub was so cheap too I didn't hesitate to buy and try straight away ! I've practically used this product every couple of days for the last 2 months and the difference in my skin it astounding, my cheek acne has disappeared along with a reduction in redness/marks on my neck and chest (result!) my dry patches are a thing of the past and I'm generally much happier with the appearance of my skin.
Find it here - £4.97
Foreo Luna Sensitive Skin
If you're looking to splurge on a luxury skin care device this is the one you should go for ! I first heard about the Foreo Luna on +Inthefrow's YouTube channel, I was intrigued to know how it worked and how it was better than the usual facial cleansing brushes. After umming and ahhing for well over 3 months and reading/re-reading a billion reviews I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Luna. The device itself is an electronic,palm sized,silicone covered brush with small bristles on the front and a ridged surface on the back. The idea is that the Luna is more hygienic/super gentle on the skin as the silicone is easy to clean and the vibrations help the device move smoothly across your face without any irritation. The first time I tried it I really wasn't sure if it had done anything (typical me wanting instant results) but I was reassured by the Foreo website that I would see a difference within 3 days. After the third day I did in fact see a considerable difference, my blemishes were reduced, my skin felt smoother and looked super refreshed. I use the Luna twice a day everyday for 5 minutes mixed with my facial balm or face wash, it basically acts like a gentle exfoliant and is great for prepping your skin before applying make up or to remove it in a hurry. Yes, the device is pricey but in my opinion is well worth the price tag, it leaves your skin squeaky clean, is the perfect size to pop in an over night bag and would make the most amazing gift to any skin care enthusiast.
To find out more on the Luna's features/prices click here - £145
Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion 200ml
I've always loved Clinique's 3 Step Skincare System and I've been an avid user of the Clarifying Lotion 1 for dry skin. Although I'm still very happy with the dry skin lotion I needed something with an added edge to help my breakouts. I was watching one of the +beautycrush's Youtube videos and Sammi mentioned the Mild Clarifying Lotion had helped the spots on her chest etc. I looked it up straight away and discovered it had the same ingredients as the Nip+Fab scrub (glycolic and salicylic acid) I immediately knew that it would be perfect and the exact thing my skin needed ! I've used the Mild Lotion every other day for the last 2 weeks or so and have really reaped the benefits. I've had little to no breakouts, a reduction in red marks and my skin feels less tight as there's 0% alcohol used in the lotion. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with spot prone/sensitive skin as it really is so gentle and helpful towards dryness/breakouts.
Find it here - £16.50
Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment 45g
Now, I cant say I'm a fan of all natural skincare, it 9 times out of 10 doesn't work for me but I was having a look through some Lush products, mainly at the pretty bath bombs as per, when the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment caught my eye. I usually pop a blob of Sudocrem on any stubborn blemishes as that's been my go to product for years but I really wanted to try something less drying. I skimmed through the ingredients and noticed a few things I already like such as tea tree, aloe vera and lavender oil, so I really wasn't to hesitant to give it a whirl. I place one to two squirts of the treatment onto my finger then apply It to any pimples I can see. Within an hour my spots become smaller/less flushed and after a couple days of reapplying they've near enough disappeared ! I really cant get enough of the fresh herbal smell and love how effective the natural ingredients are, It's safe to say I'll be heading straight to Lush's skincare section next time I'm there.
Find it here - £6.40
What are your favourite blemish treatments ? Have you tried any of the products I've talked about above ? Leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you :) !

Monday, 3 August 2015

Zoella Beauty Range Review

So, we all have our favourite blogger/ youtuber right ? For me, its Zoella (no surprises there) I've pretty much followed Zoe since day one (super fan over here) and it's been amazing to watch her grow and inspire so many people over the last few years. As a self proclaimed die hard fan, I was over the moon when she brought out her new beauty range a few weeks ago! I loved her previous range so I was super eager to try the new Tutti Frutti inspired bath & body products. Without hesitation, I headed straight to the Superdrug website and placed my order. Unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of the lip balm or body scrub as they'd sold out so quickly, this is probably due to the fact they were the highly anticipated new additions that the previous range didn't offer (slightly disheartened) However, I got hold of everything else and it all arrived the next day (thank the lord for next day delivery)
1. Candy Cream Body Lotion
This has to be my favourite from the whole range! I love a good body lotion as I'm always hankering after soft/smooth skin and this particular cream really does deliver all of those things. The formula is super luxurious and smells amazing, this is probably down to the cute bursting beads and blueberry extracts!(nice touch) I religiously use candy cream after every bath and shower, as it really does lock in moisture without making your skin feel clammy or sticky, which for me is really important especially in the summer (if you can call it summer). I can tell that the bottle will last me ages too! I'm not even a quarter way through yet as a little really goes a long way. This dreamy lotion is priced at only £5 and can be found here.
2. Fresh Fizz Bath Bombs
Can I just point out that these were an utter delight to use! I 'm definitely a bath person and always go to town on bath bombs whenever I get the chance. I absolutely loved the Fizz Bars from Zoe's previous range so I didn't think twice about purchasing the new ones! The bath bombs come in a dainty bar form with breakable pieces you can crumble under the tap or pop straight into the bath, they quietly fizz away releasing a fresh fruity fragrance and within minutes your bathing experience is transformed (yes it's really that life changing) I could honestly lay in the bath all day! They genuinely smell that damn good! The bombs are also priced at £5 and can be found here.
3. Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel
You know everyone has that one shower gel they save for best? (is this just me lol ?) Over the years I've had to be quite selective with body washes as my skin can react quiet badly to certain brands (very annoying/random) So undoubtedly I'm always a bit cautious about trying fragranced shower gels. However, I gave the Foam Sweet Foam a chance and I wasn't disappointed. It's a pleasure to use and does all the things a shower gel should do with an added luxury touch. My skin always feels soft and fresh after each use plus the delicate fragrance lasts on your body all day, you literally need to use a 5 pence piece amount as it foams up nicely (clues in the name) I've recently purchased a further three from here as It's become my ultimate fav!
4. Lets Spritz Body Mist
The people who know me best will all agree that I am obsessed with perfumes, body sprays and body mists! (I like to smell good 24/7 365) I didn't even need to think about buying Lets Spritz as I was and still am infatuated with Blissful Mistful. I loved Zoe's description of the new scent and I knew I needed it in my life (perfume addict problems). First off ,the packaging is to die for! Polka dots and lace with cute pastel pinks/blues, it sits so nicely on my bathroom windowsill looking all chic and girly. The mist has notes of Raspberry and Cassis which literally smells like summer in a bottle, I drench myself in the stuff whenever I get a chance. It compliments the lotion beautifully and really helps to lock in that Tutti Frutti scent. It's perfect to pop in your bag for the day and would make a sweet little gift for a friend or relative. I reach for Lets Spritz daily and wouldn't leave the house without a couple of sprays. Grab yours here for only £8
Have you tried any of the new Zoella Beauty range? Which product is your favourite?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Review

 The Real Techniques Bold Metals collection launched around the end of January this year and I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on them! Admittedly, it took me a while to purchase as they're on the pricey side but after giving in to my urges I went ahead and picked a couple up from my local Boots. I decided to go with the 100 Arched Powder and the 301 Flat Contour brushes, the other brushes didn't really take my fancy as I knew I wouldn't end up using them and it would be pushing on £100 for the full face set. I've always been a huge fan of Real Techniques and there is no denying that their brushes are on par with any professional synthetic brush. I knew before I took my newbies out of the packaging that I would love them just as much as their predecessors and I have to give RT top marks for the colour/style of the Bold Metals collection. Both brushes are beautifully angled and weighted which personally helps with application of powders they just felt sturdier and really worked any product into my skin. I immediately fell in love with the 100 as it moves so nicely across any base I've applied, it didn't leave trail marks or cling onto any foundation and its domed shape helped to get any pressed powder into those awkward spots around my nose and eyes. As for the 301 this took a little getting used to as I always apply any contour with an angled brush, however it definitely picks up more product and distributes bronzer evenly on my cheek hollows and forehead, plus I didn't have to blend for as long as I normally would and for me that is the dream! All in all I'm completely content with the brushes I chose and I've pretty much reached for them everyday, they're an absolute delight to use and really stand out in the mountain of makeup brushes I've collected over the years. Style and substance what more could you want really ?


Friday, 5 June 2015

Dogs n' Dough Review

Hey guys! Hope you've had a lovely week? Thank god it's Friday right? And with that being said in my household Friday night is cheat food night! So if you're looking for a restaurant to indulge in everything carb, cheese and chocolate related Dogs n' Dough is the place to go!
Dogs n' Dough is a little American style restaurant situated on Bow Lane in Manchester, admittedly a bit out of site down a small side street but I'd say that just adds to its charm! On entering I felt like I was in a retro diner, green leather booths, dim lighting and Dirty Dancing playing in the background. Our waitress was super sweet and explained the whole menu, as you can probably tell from the name, Dogs n' Dough, they mainly offer Hot Dogs and Pizza, no complaints there ;)! After scanning the menu for a good 10 minutes I decided to go for The Cowboy dog, cheese fries and a lemon meringue cocktail (delish). My boyfriend went for The Spring Chicken pizza, a beer and we shared the fries. My food came served in a diner style basket whilst Luke's came in a takeaway style pizza box, not exactly a fine dinning experience but I personally loved how kitch everything was. I have to say my meal fulfilled every expectation, packed with flavour, mouth wateringly good and would satisfy most peoples weekend cravings. All in all myself and Luke really enjoyed our time there, the prices were great, the staff were lovely and the scran was well... Complete Food Porn! So, If you're out and about in Manchester this weekend and not watching the old waist line, I would highly suggest you give Dogs n' Dough a try!
Have a look and their menu here 
(WARNING you may drool)
Bow Lane, Manchester M2 4JW

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Beauty Favourites

 Hi guys! I hope you're well? It's been such a long time since I've been on my blog :'( In fact this is my first blog post in over 3 years! I really don't know where the time has gone? I don't even know why I stopped blogging? Silly me! However, I'm back and I'm super eager to get stuck into the world of beauty & fashion again! With that being said I thought I'd share with you my beauty favourites from last month... Enjoy!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Where do I begin with this little beauty? It's honestly the most beautiful moisturizer I've ever tried, to say my face is unbelievably soft would be an understatement! The lotion itself is super absorbent, non sticky and non greasy, I suffer with an awful combination t-zone so I found the texture/consistency really suited my skin. I apply a small amount in the morning and the moisture lasts me all day, it meshes really well with my primer and foundation plus it gives me a dewy look without too much shine. What else could you want from a moisturizer really? The price of this nifty lotion ranges from £17.50 - £30.00 depending on the size, I purchased mine directly from the Clinque website here

Mr.Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

Now, you've probably seen this brand blow up all over social media in the last couple of months! Mr.Blanc's professional teeth whitening strips are especially popular with reality television stars such as Holly Hagan, Stephanie Pratt and Ricky Rayment. I'm all for a pearly white smile and I have tried numerous whitening kits over the years, some okay and some not so good! However, I'd seen some really fab reviews on this particular brand so I went ahead and bought a 2 week pack from the Mr.Blanc website here. The kit arrived in record time and I began using them the very same day, I like to whiten my teeth in the evening as its much easier to relax in bed and wait for the formula to do it's thing. The pack has 14 pouches containing an upper and lower strip, you simply place the strips over clean teeth, wait 30 minutes then rinse away! I found that the strips held in place perfectly, there was no stinging sensation or sensitivity just a fresh minty taste. I'm now up to my 11th whitening session and I'm thrilled with the results, another purchase of these is definitely on the cards.
£24.99- 2 week supply

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

The Urban Decay Setting Spray is a genius product, this magical spray is my favourite every single month, I genuinely don't leave the house before I've drenched my face with it! If you've never heard of the Setting Spray before I shall give you the low down, it's basically a sealant for your make-up, it's a super fine mist that's sprayed over the face to keep your look in place... pretty clever right? The formula is oil and paraben free plus it includes "temperature control technology" this allows your skin to breath whilst keeping the enemy, #sweat, at bay. I've always found 'All Nighter' to be the best from the Urban Decay setting spray range, it's long lasting, fast drying, easy to apply and has never let me down! I would recommend this product a thousand times over so head to the Urban Decay Website here and pop this beaut in your basket.
£21- 118ml

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Last but not least! The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm! It's truly a work of skincare art and if you've never heard of this product before, because you've been living under a rock ;) You are most definitely missing out! I'm all for a good cleanse and I've normally used cream/gel cleansers in my past skin routines but since discovering Emma's products I've never looked back. This dreamy pot of heaven contains a rich luxurious balm, the scent is second to none and the texture I might add is divine. I personally like to use it at night to wash away any makeup/dirt, I scoop up a small amount, place it onto the palm of my hands, add a little warm water, rub together, smooth over my face/neck then wipe away with a hot damp flannel. It's honestly a delight to use and leaves my skin, soft, fresh and hydrated every single time. A little really goes a long way with this product so I've never once felt guilty when heading over to Cult Beauty here and repurchasing every few months, I just can't live without it!
£38- 100ml
So there you have it guys! My May Beauty Favourites! Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this post and I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products I listed up top. Have a fab week! I'll be back with another post soon.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Casual Christmas

Hey guys ! I hope everyone is well ? It's literally just under 2 weeks till Christmas .... Excited much ?! I've pretty much finished my crimbo shopping for this year which is a massive relief to be honest, I can't cope with the festive ques any longer ! So with that being said, I can now focus a little more on myself and my winter wardrobe. I know my blog is predominately beauty based but being female clothes and shoes are also a huge passion of mine and I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my new casual Christmas pieces that will be a staple to my everyday look right through these chilly months.
1.Dark Red Molly Jeggings- I spotted these lovelies not so long ago in my local River Island and absolutely loved how soft and comfy they were ! They've really brightened up the bottom half of my look and work perfectly with boots or flats. I tend to team the jeggings with cardigans and jumpers to add a splash of colour to the casual trend plus they work great with a simple blouse to give a smarter look. River Island offer a range of different coloured jeans/jeggings so there's plenty to choose from and there will be at least one pair that will work with anything in your wardrobe. I can pretty much see myself using these right into next year and at £35 they're a complete fashion steal.
2.Black Stud Trim Bobble Hat- I've never really owned a bobble hat before, except for the garish multicoloured knitted disasters that were blonked on my head as a child, AWFUL ! But I've noticed throughout this year and last that the bobble hat has become quite chic and I thought I might as well go with the flow and treat my myself to this £7.99 Newlook studded bobble hat. I have to say I've loved wearing it and my ears have definitely benefited from the warmth, It matches anything that I'm wearing due to it's classic black colour and the studs add a cool edgy look, it's official I'm loving the bobble hat trend !
3.Black Leather Look Faux Fur Collar Jacket- When winter came around this year I went on my usual hunt for a jacket and my beloved River Island presented me with this cosy but sleek leather look number. This was an easy buy for me as I've always loved bicker jackets and the added fur was the cherry on top of the cake. It really is incredibly comfy, easy to move in and works with anything I'm wearing, plus the thick faux fur is super soft and keeps the winter chills away from my face and neck. This black leather look biker is priced at £60 which I couldn't really argue with seeing as I've definitely got some great use out of it and I'm positive that I'll be wearing it well into next year and maybe the year after too.
4.Dark Red Navajo Print Scarf- I love my scarves and I'm quite sure that I have the biggest collection in the entire world, so this winter I thought it wouldn't hurt to add a new one to the crew ! River Island, in my opinion, do some great scarves and I opted to buy the red Navajo scarf seeing as the predominate colour was red and would match some key pieces I have in my wardrobe. The scarf is made from a soft heavy weight cotton like material that really keeps the warmth in plus its quite long so it easily covers the tops of your legs, which is a massive bonus especially when your wearing flimsy thin leggings. This has definitely been my scarf saviour this year and I'd highly advise anyone to invest in one, I mean look at the Aztec design, it almost has a Christmasy feel to it right ? River Island has priced the Navajo scarf at £18 and you can also get the same design in a cool beige/black combo, yes I bought that one too .... SCARF MAD !
5.Traditional Fairisle Hand Warmers- Okay, so one of my pet peeves in winter is grabbing your phone out of your bag and having to remove your gloves every time to want to text or ring someone... so frustrating right? With that being said, I went on a mission to find some fingerless gloves that would help with the whole glove texting mobile dilemma. Now, most fingerless gloves come across as a bit butch and not very lady like so I was completely put of the idea after trying a few on in various shops but whilst in Topshop I came across these pretty oxblood coloured hand warmers. These cosy hand warmers didn't have any hideous cut of fingers and they tucked in nicely under the cuffs of my coat, the whole idea is that you pull the warmers over your hands to cover the bottom half of your fingers and when you need to grab something your hands are completely free whilst being protected from the cold at the same time. These pretty fairisle warmers have been my best bargain buy at £10 and they just go to show that fashion practicality isn't a myth ;)
6.Red Check Flannel Shirt- I don't really tend to wear a lot of shirts, there's mainly blouse like tops in my wardrobe and I had been looking for something a bit more casual. I came across this £30 flannel shirt in River Island and loved the classic design and chic studded collar, the shirt is made from 100% cotton and is easy to match with jeans, leggings or shorts for a comfy casual look. The main positive to this shirt is the sleeves, they can be rolled up or left down to give the shirt a subtle style change, the shirt can also be buttoned way up to the top to add a geek chic style or left undone to create a more casual feel. I like to add big gold statement necklaces with this flannel shirt to match the studs and give it an edgy look, I always enjoy wearing this particular top as it seems quite festive but mainly because it keeps me toasty and warm, River Island offer a range of brightly coloured flannel shirts that will be appearing in my wardrobe over the next month for sure!
7.Black Stud Ankle Boots- Now as every girl knows, ankle boots are a must over the winter to keep are feet warm and are look smart but casual. I found these beautiful slightly heeled ankle boots in River Island a few weeks ago and I literally haven't stopped wearing them! The soft leather and fashion stud design appealed to me straight away and I pop them on my feet at any chance I get. I'm quite fond of the 1 inch heel the boots offers, it adds a little height plus it puts your legs at an angle where they seem a tad slimmer... BONUS! I tend to wear these boots with leggings as its a bit tricky tucking jeans into them but they work well with most things and they match my chic biker jacket too. The boots have two zips either side so they're easy to slip off and on but I would advise to wear pop socks with these particular boots as they're quite a snug fit, which I personally like but if your not keen on the idea I'd go a shoe size up. The boots are priced at £69.99 and you can find them in most River Island outlets, they aren't currently advertised online due to low stock but as I said before they are still stocked in store :)

What do you think of my Casual Christmas look ? What's been your best fashion buy this month ?


El Mac

Friday, 30 November 2012

Stila One Step Correct

Hello ladies ! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Friday and is looking forward to the weekend :) It's the first of December tomorrow and I'm guessing everyone is going to attempt to decorate their Christmas trees or in my case stand back while my Mother takes over, as per usual ;) So seen as it's practically 25 days till Christmas, the rush to find everyones crimbo prezzie is on and with that in mind I thought I'd share with you a blemish healing luxury goody that would please any girl to find in their stockings or wrapped up under their trees!

Stila One Step Correct 30ml- Now, if you're like me, the odd spot or slight un-even skin tone can really get you down and sometimes concealers just won't do a good enough job of hiding it, so one day last week, after fighting with my skin, I headed down to my local Boots in search of something to freshen up my slightly blemished face. After scouring the isles I came across the Stila One Step Correct formula and I have to say I loved the packaging/bottle of this product, pretty swirls of mint, lavender and peach really grabbed my attention and I was intrigued to find out more. Luckily, a lady also admiring the Stila make-up range assured me that the One Step Correct formula was "Brilliant" and that she uses it everyday to "Brighten up her skin", I pretty much took her word for it seeing how lovely her complexion looked and decided to buy. Once home I squeezed a small amount onto my hand and smoothed it out, the mint, lavender and peach mixed together to form a very pale green colour. Now, some people might be wondering how a green formula would help blemishes but trust me it's a known fact that it does ! Basically, the green pigment cancels out redness around the face plus the added lavender hides sallow yellow skin under the eyes and the peach can brighten/illuminate the skin ... clever right ? Baring all this in mind, I cleansed and moisturised my face then applied the formula to the blemishes. I could immediately see a difference to the redness, the green settled the blemish into a very unnoticeable pale pink and I could definitely see that my face looked refreshed and renewed, I then applied my normal make-up over the top and after a few moments I could barely see any blemishes, super impressed! After, I carried on with my day as normal but occasionally checked up on my skin to see if this wonder formula was keeping up the good work and non surprisingly it was, no redness, no dull skin, no problem! Happy days :) The Stila One Step Correct can be found on the Boots website here and is priced at £24, this may seem expensive but it's worth the spend down to how effective and beautifully pigmented the formula is, so if you want to treat your skin or someone else's this Christmas I'd definitely recommend the Stila One Step Correct to diminish those pesky blemishes all winter long.
Have you tried the Stilla One Step Correct ? What are your views ?
El Mac